3 Benefits of SIP Trunking

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SIP Trunking is fast becoming the best way for businesses to securely send and receive calls through a PBX over the internet – both through an onsite PBX or hosted solution. But, there are lots of different aspects to SIP trunking that you need to learn before investing in anything. What is a DID (Learn More here)? How do you find a reliable provider? What’s the best way to integrate it into your existing system? What are the benefits of it? Well, we can help you answer that last question.

Here are 3 benefits of SIP:

  1. Greater Voice Quality: To use SIP, you need SIP compatible phones to interpret and process digital voice packets. As a result, callers experience higher quality sound and reliability.
  2. Cost Savings: When you choose to use SIP Trunking, you will likely experience a significant decrease in your telecom expenses. This is because SIP is not dependent on the hardware limitations of PRIs or T1s which only accommodate a limited number of call paths.
  3. Convenient Call Path Flexibility: This is a great benefit if your business needs flex throughout the year. You have the choice to add/remove call paths when needed, not at the end of a contract.

Bonus Benefit: Global CTI will integrate your SIP trunks with your voice provider and be your one-stop-shop for all your voice needs.

Let’s see how SIP will work for you!

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