6 Hospitality Technology Case Studies You Should See

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There are few places that the customer experience (the guest experience) is more important than hotels and hospitality businesses. Whilst all members of staff may be required to show that they have a certificate in hospitality, this inevitably means that they have all of the knowledge and skills needed to perform to the highest standard, regardless of their position. Guests at your hotel or restaurant are at the forefront of your operations. Keep them happy and they are more likely to share a good review about your hotel, guaranteeing your success in the long run. Those places that have incorporated hotel cmms to help them keep on top of broken systems and maintenance projects could score higher, especially if they prevent a problem before it has a chance to affect your stay.

That’s the beauty of technology; it can do wonders for your establishment. We’re happy to present visions of the future, but today thought you’d like something a little more immediate and actionable. So here are six concrete examples of real-life hotels and hospitality businesses that have used communications and collaboration technology to make tangible improvements to their guest experiences and operations.

Hyatt Hotels

Hyatt Hotels was in a need of a way to communicate with that fit the speed and mobility required to be a world-class hospitality brand. The needed to make sure it was easy-to-use, highly reliable, enhanced employee mobility and reachability-and do it all while keeping costs in line.

Watch Hyatt explain how they enhanced operations across a continent >

Firmdale Hotels

Firmdale Hotels needed a management and monitoring tool that would assist the IT department in maintaining round the clock reliability to complement their existing Mitel communications infrastructure. Uptime is critically important in the hotel industry, and with devices and applications spread across multiple locations, Firmdale Hotels wanted greater control over this infrastructure.

Find out how Firmdale Hotels got greater insight and control >

Red Funnel Ferries (Video)

From a communication perspective, Red Funnel Ferries was looking to enhance their customers’ experience and move from being voice-only reactive to omni-channel proactive. They wanted to meet customers on the new communications channels they were using, like social media, and at the same time increase their employee productivity.

Watch Red Funnel Ferries explain how they transformed their customer experience >

Viking Line Cruises

Viking Line operations include passenger services, recreation and cargo carrier services. They were running 15 contact centers in three countries and 10 cities dealing with three different currencies and two time-zones that were previously on multiple disconnected systems. They also had disparate technologies for order taking and order processing. All of which made it tough and inefficient to meet their main goal of offering customers the best quality of service.

Discover how Viking Line consolidated systems to better serve their customers >

Château de Bonmont

The demands of the golf club on the Chateau’s communications system had grown considerably in recent years. Not only had the old telephone system aged, but it was no longer able to provide complete communications coverage. The management had clear expectations: “People should be able to contact us – any time they want,” says Philippe von Escher, General Manager of the club. “Being able to take and make phone calls at any time is essential for many of these staff members – and that means anywhere on our grounds.”

Check out how Chateau de Bonmont gave both customers and staff connectivity like never before >

Mint Hotels

Mint pushes the boundaries with pioneering concepts in technology and design. In 2007, the Mint hotel group received the “Technology Award” at the European Hotel Design Awards for its Manchester hotel, which set an industry benchmark. In order to remain at the forefront of the latest technology, it was essential that Mint Hotels had an advanced communications solution to enhance the guest experience, improve customer service and optimize productivity and costs.

Find out how Mint Hotels used forward-thinking technology to wow their customers

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