8x8 Teams Integration for Voice

Get the most value and performance from your Microsoft Teams investment.

Microsoft Teams users are adopting telephony services for external calling on Teams. In fact, it is estimated that 20% of total Microsoft Teams active users will adopt telephony services for external calling on Teams by 2024. (Source: Gartner).

If your organization is making the move, this 8×8 Teams Integration for voice guide will help you get the most from your Microsoft investments.

Part research, part best practices and complete with questions to ask vendors; this guide is an indispensable resource as you do your due diligence.

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Cybersecurity Data, User, network, Endpoint process

Cybersecurity the D.U.N.E. Way

When planning your cybersecurity, there are four key segments that must be addressed to ensure your security takes a robust and thoughtful 365-degree approach. This quadrant system is commonly referred to as D.U.N.E or Data, User, Network and Endpoint processing.


Regulated Network Access

What flows into and out of your network as well as who gets access to your network are extremely critical elements in keeping your data safe. – Examples of network security involve stateful packet inspection, content filtering of websites your users have access to, setting basic user and endpoint standards before a user or device can log on, ensuring your wifi network is secure, and so on. Utilizing state of the are firewalls with VPN, SDWAN, and Zero Trust capabilities is the first step to achieving this goal.

Endpoint Security

Endpoints are the devices your team uses to access your network and data. These can be remote or inhouse or a combination of both. It is critical that each device be armed with a strong endpoint detection and response solution that stops malware, viruses, and ransomware. If an endpoint is infected and connected to your network, your data is in jeopardy of being stolen or destroyed.


Data Protection

Next to your customers, data is the most valuable business asset you own. The investments you make in networks, computers, and software are to collect data that is turned into information to keep your organization running. It is critical that your data assets are backed up daily and those backups are replicated in the cloud. Redundancy means if your system is compromised you have a high probability that your most valuable asset can be retrieved!

Cybersecurity User Education and Training

Most cybersecurity crises are initiated by users and most of these could be avoided with proper education and training of your employees. 

Global CTI’s cyber technicians can ensure your system is managed and your users trained end-to-end to avoid costly data breaches, malware and ransomware attempts. Cybersecurity training is inexpensive and may have the best ROI of any technology investment you make. 

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