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By Panasonic i-PRO

School security has taken on a new dimension as the result of the 2020 pandemic. Whereas school administrators have traditionally been concerned with maintaining high levels of physical security to protect students, staff and property, they are now faced with implementing new solutions that also provide health safety. As a result, there is an increased and heightened demand for new technologies and system solutions that deliver both security and health safety, which further complicates the already difficult process of procuring and implementing new security technologies.

To help meet the new plethora of security and safety challenges K-12 school systems now face, Panasonic i-PRO has launched the Secure Campus program to make it easier for school administrators and security personnel to discover, procure and implement the security technologies and solutions they need to better protect students, staff and visitors. In sharing the ultimate objective of providing learning environments where students and teachers feel confident that they are safe and secure, the i-PRO Secure Campus program streamlines and accelerates all of the processes required to implement enhanced or new security solutions – from securing grants to consultation, product specification, installation and after-the-sale support.

Because every school’s needs and challenges are unique, i-PRO’s Secure Campus program provides a range of easy entry points to help schools find the best individual solution. Each entry point incorporates the best in technology, incentives, tools and on-going support to deliver an end-to-end security solution that is customizable, scalable and easy to use, all while providing one of the best total-cost-of-ownership value propositions in the industry.

Researching and evaluating security technology can be a huge challenge for educators. i-PRO’s Secure Campus program simplifies this process. As a security one-stop-shop for schools and higher education, Panasonic i-PRO eliminates the need to search for the best provider for each individual product. However, securing education facilities requires more than best-in-class technology and products, it requires a true partnership – from preparing a detailed assessment and analysis to identifying and specifying the integrated system solutions that best meets the specific needs of a school, campus and remote facilities. Of equal importance is the specialized support of experienced security professionals with the proven expertise and track record in education to make it all happen.

We welcome you to visit download the i-PRO for Education Brochure.  Please contact us at Global CTI for more information or a demonstration of how i-PRO can help secure your campus.

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