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How We Do Things Differently at Global CTI

coffeeOur business is built on blood, sweat and tears. We’re no strangers to late nights and long days. (When you’re committed to helping customers after the sale, it comes with the territory.)

More than 30 years of experience has taught us that implementing a technology solution isn’t like flipping a light switch; even the best-laid implementation plans require adjustments after launch. To us, a project isn’t finished until it’s complete.

What Completeness Means to Us

A project is only done when it’s complete.

At Global CTI that means all of the clearly defined parameters and measures established at project start are completed by project end. When those measures are met, and only then, do we consider a project complete. This rare commitment to our clients’ best interests has resulted a 97% retention rate.

We make completeness the heart of our project methodology because it empowers us to fulfill our mission of helping you succeed.

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