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5 Managed Service Myths Busted


The term “Managed Services’ has become somewhat ubiquitous when describing services provided by an outside IT agency. To some, the term is akin to ‘Helpdesk.’ To others it means subscribing to Office365®. In fact, Managed Services means a provider will assume responsibility for providing a defined set of…

6 Hospitality Technology Case Studies You Should See

There are few places that the customer experience (the guest experience) is more important than hotels and hospitality businesses. We’re happy to present visions of the future, but today thought you’d like something a little more immediate and actionable. So here are six concrete examples of real-life hotels and…

How to Choose the Right VoIP Phone System Vendor for Your Business

When you’re looking at phone and collaboration systems, it’s important to choose a vendor that’s reliable, proven, trustworthy and also offers technology that works for your business needs.

Here are some guidelines to help you make sure you’re choosing the right vendor for your business.
See what the analysts say
When researching…

Phone System Move Checklist

Moving will be much easier if you keep your voice partner in the loop and use this checklist as a guide when moving to new space.

Call us first to make arrangements to move your telephone system. We typically need two to three weeks lead time to schedule manpower and…

SD-WAN: Fact vs. Fiction

Myth #1: SD-WAN is the same as WAN optimization

WAN optimization and SD-WAN both reduce bandwidth use. But SD-WAN provides solutions that meet or exceed those offered by traditional WAN technologies:

Connectivity to other cloud based solutions
Dynamic bandwidth
Application acceleration and optimization
Support whenever you need it

Myth #2: SD-WAN…

10 Reasons Companies are Moving Communications to the Cloud in 2018


There’s lots of buzz around the cloud these days and cloud communications is no exception. But buzz isn’t always an indicator of a business case for technology purchases. Smart businesses are asking what’s driving the rush to the cloud—and they’re getting solid answers. So why are so many businesses…

The Top 3 Things To Do In An Active Shooter Attack

Unfortunately, active shooter attacks are increasing not decreasing and the chances of any of us experiencing such an act of violence is becoming more likely than not. Prepare yourself for the unexpected and you can make it through an active shooter attack.

Michael Booker from CASE Consulting for Active Shooter…

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