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3 Projects to Enhance Your Mass Notification System

1. 911 ALERTS
If someone calls 911 within your buildings, it’s important that the right people know an emergency is taking place. ACTIVATE One Touch Emergency Notification Solution can send notifications to select safety personnel or to an entire organization when someone dials 911 from a phone tied to their…


1. Mass SMS Text Messages

With people offsite, mobile devices will become the primary method of communication. Delivering text messages to a device most people will be checking and using regularly will help keep them informed about any updates your organization needs to share.

2. Confirmation Responses

For organizations that want to…

FAQs on Telehealth During the Coronavirus Emergency

By The Compliancy Group
Following HHS’ issuance of its Notice of Enforcement Discretion, which declares that telehealth providers will not be subject to certain HIPAA fines in the exercise of good faith in providing telehealth services, HHS provided FAQ guidance on this Notice of Enforcement Discretion. FAQs on telehealth are…

Key Security Tips for Your Increased Safety

Key Security Tips for Your Increased Safety
The internet is never completely safe, but there are internet practices that can make it safer, and they begin with YOU.

Never give out login credentials (over the phone, in person, or by email)
Use a different password for EVERY website
Try using…


It’s no secret that today’s workforce is changing more quickly and more dramatically than any other in modern history. At least four generations are working now, ranging from the new graduates of Generation Z to the retiring – or more often semi-retiring – Baby Boomers. In the span of…

7 Tips to Prevent Ransomware

Malicious software that uses encryption to hold data for ransom has become wildly successful over the last few years. The purpose of this software is to extort money from the victims with promises of restoring encrypted data. Like other computer viruses, it usually finds its way onto a device…

12 Call Center KPIs to Track for Customer Success

Analyzing call center key performance indicators (KPIs) is imperative when assessing the effectiveness and efficiency of a call center. While it is clear to most call center managers and decision-makers that they need to analyze call center KPIs, what is often not so clear is which contact center metrics to measure…

How to Immediately Improve Your Customer Service

A loss of consumer confidence can permanently derail your business growth plans. Consider these statistics about how to convert the effects of unhappy customers into losses in terms of actual dollar values as well as the prominent role customer service now plays in business today.

91% of unhappy customers…

5 Reasons Your Customers Hate Calling You

Click here to register for a webinar to learn how to improve your customers’ experience when they call you.
Phone calls are essential to customer service.  37% of customers would choose phone conversations with a live agent over any other channel if they want to get a problem solved quickly. …

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