CARES Act Funding for School Technology Needs

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The federal government has approved the CARES Act to provide funding to public entities, including K-12 schools, colleges and universities, and local and state governments. The funding can be used to help these organizations respond to and mitigate the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. One of the ways funding can be used is to help improve communication between organizations and their remote workers, as well as for distance learning and to improve telework capabilities to enable compliance with COVID-19 public health precautions.

Cares Act Funds Allowable Uses

  • Professional services to implement technology to support faculty and student success during the COVID 19 Pandemic.
  • Collaboration tools including phone systems, conferencing, and more.
  • Endpoints for distance learning
  • Security solutions to protect endpoints that have been affected by COVID 19.
  • Help Desk services for school stakeholders to support student success.
  • Physical security solutions that enable faculty to support student success (e.g. paging solutions, video surveillance, notification solutions and access control)

(Click here for more information on allowable uses of CARES Act funds.)

If you have not yet applied for CARES Act funds, the deadline to submit your application for CARES Act funds is September 30th.  Click here to access the application.

Do you need help with distance learning or preparing for a safe reopening?  

Global CTI can provide you with the tools and support your schools need.

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