2023 Cyber Attack Survey

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If you complete our brief survey and would like to learn more about Global CTI’s cybersecurity offering, we’ll offer you a free network penetration test. This is more than a 1-page obtuse summary. Global CTI’s penetration testing response will be an insightful and detailed report that includes an executive summary of findings, a breakdown of the process, and security recommendations.

If you elect to complete the survey but don’t wish to move forward with our free offer, that’s ok, too. You’ll still be entered to win an Amazon Gift Card valued at $25 if you provide your name and email address.

Before launching a new project, you need to detect where your network is weak. Let Global CTI assist you in assessing your situation and suggesting ways to keep your network and people safer.

To learn more about our Cybersecurity offerings visit our Cybersecurity page.

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2023 Poll: Are you more or less concerned about cyberattacks?

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