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Courtesy of our partner, Seamless A.I.

Seamless A.I. shared the top tools and strategies you can leverage to avoid the dreaded SPAM folder and land in your prospect’s inbox.


Of course, relevant and proper content is always a requirement of a successful email program. Winding up in SPAM or getting pushed into another INBOX category will eventually destroy your response rate and chip away at your email reputation. Try these helpful tools and maximize your INBOX placement.

Use an email warmup service such as or warmbox

These services are by far the most important tools when it comes to bypassing the SPAM box. When you install these services – they will immediately add you to their communication network. Then your inbox will automatically start conversing with other email addresses. And if your email lands in SPAM, these warmup services will instantly unspam your email (within the network) to teach ESPs (email service providers) to trust you.

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Ensure that your list is clean

Use a list cleaner such as or, which are both affordable and cost-effective. All you have to do is upload a list, and these applications will evaluate whether or not the emails in your list are legit. These services will also remove ‘honeypot’ emails, which are used to ‘trap’ and identify spammers. If you email a ‘honeypot’ email address – your email will automatically get added to a blacklist.

Be sure to use a SPAM filter tool

Tools like will upgrade your content by ensuring that you’re not using words associated with SPAM.


Make sure that your email is set up correctly

Run gloc apps to make sure everything is in order on your end. Glockapps is a free comprehensive inbox placement tool that will ensure your DMARC and DKIM are set up properly. ESPs uses DMARC and DKIM as indicators to check whether to place you in SPAM or not.

Nail down your subject line

The more opens you have, the better your email reputation will be in the long run. The subject line can make the difference between your email getting seen and opened or winding up in the SPAM folder. To evaluate your subject lines, use a subject line grader like This tool will help you write strong, attention-grabbing subject lines that don’t get flagged.

Find the optimal time to send your email

 In order to find out the best times to reach prospects, you may need to pull a report. If you don’t know how to do this, try contacting your email platform and they’ll send you instructions. Once you get your report, find out your best open rate time or when most of your meetings are getting booked. Then hone in on that window of opportunity and start sending your emails at that time.

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