Watchful Eyes, Safer Skies: Elevating Security with Advanced Video Surveillance

Scalable and Adaptive Environmental Surveillance Solutions

The ACTIVATE solution is incredibly efficient. It’s capable of filling the gaps in your notification platform and connecting what you already have into one cohesive system. This helps your organization reduce implementation costs and improve efficiencies.

Adding Video Surveillance to the ACTIVATE solution stack improves response time, post-event recovery, and law enforcement follow-up. Our Global CTI engineers create a seamless, cohesive solution that provides complete coverage, including Vape Sensors.

Today’s modern hybrid–cloud security cameras combine the reliability of onboard storage with the flexibility of cloud archiving — all in a user–friendly, enterprise-ready solution. Unlike legacy systems, Global CTI video security offers the following:

  • Encryption of data in–transit (AES 126) and at rest (AES 256).
  • Plug–and–play cameras that work out–of–the–box without any additional downloads or configurations.
  • Edge–based processing smart features to uncover actionable insights in real–time.
  • Modern, easy to use solution that allows users to manage from virtually any device, anywhere.

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Modern and Automated Integrations

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Surveillance increases the value of your emergency notification solution and offers reliable monitoring and after-action mitigation planning. Modern physical security products integrate seamlessly behind a single, cloud–based software platform and connects with just a PoE connection. It couldn’t be simpler with  automated configuration without the need for port forwarding or setting up VPN’s.
  • No NVRs/DVRs or Servers
    Simple, secure, and intuitive system that utilizes on–camera SSD and cloud storage 
  • Bandwidth Friendly
    Minimal bandwidth consumption, using as  little as 20–50kbps
    per camera
  • Smart Edge–Based Analytics
    Available on any device and scalable with real–time analytics
  • Adaptive Quality for Guaranteed Retention
    Store up to 365 days of continuous video
  • All–Inclusive Licensing
    All camera licenses come with a 10–year warranty, automatic
    firmware updates, and unlimited cloud archiving.

ACTIVATE integrates with Vape Sensing Technology offerings from industry-leading partners

Why add environmental video surveillance to Activate?

  • Fully supported by Global CTI service team
  • Inclusive extended warranties
  • Integrates with mass notification and access control systems
  • EXTREMELY easy to use
  • Advanced analytics means fewer false alarms
  • Provides smoke and vape-sensing to private areas like elevators and restrooms

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