Global CTI attends annual CETPA Conference, aims to ‘simplify’ K-12 technology integration

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Long Beach, Calif. – Global CTI Group, a leader in innovative business communications solutions, recently attended the annual CETPA, or California Educational Technology Professionals Association, Conference held in Long Beach, Calif. from November 8-11, 2011. This will be the company’s eighth year attending the conference.

“This year’s CETPA Conference Vendor Show was the largest event by attendees and vendors – 500+ and 192 respectively,” said Santi Oloriz, Director of Business Development for Global CTI, “Technology is an ongoing evolving process and events like CEPTA allow for K-20 Institutions to see 1st hand and talk to Technology integrators and manufacturers and stay up-to-speed on the changing technology.”

With 30 years of experience in developing cutting-edge communications solutions for clients, Global CTI understands where many of our clients are coming from. By attending conferences like CETPA, Global CTI is able to better serve clients across many verticals.

“This is one way for Global CTI to become better acquainted with educational technology professionals from across the state,” said David Kaiser, President and CEO of Global CTI, “We’re able to talk to those in the education community to better understand their needs.  Ultimately, Global CTI is able to provide more responsible solutions because of our participation in events like CETPA.”

Because Global CTI has grown to understand the needs of K-12 entities statewide, we’re able to help guide Educational Technology Professionals in understanding how to simplify their current and future systems through single vendor integration with current and existing systems. Global CTI has helped many districts across the state streamline their communications solutions and through a recent visit to a well-attended CETPA Conference, hoped to reach other districts who haven’t yet experienced the world-class implementation and service GCTI is known for.

“Global CTI had a great show this year at CETPA. Our theme for the show was – The Anti-Complexity Movement – It’s Hard to be Easy!  Global CTI has embraced the “Best of Breed” and “Open Standards” approach to providing technology to our customers,” said Oloriz, “The products that GCTI implements, ShoreTel VoIP and HP Networks, are based on Best of breed. Open standards products provide the capability to integrate with other communication functions, existing or anticipated.”

Because many K-12 entities throughout California are facing an uncertain and difficult financial future, Global CTI’s approach to providing easy-to-use and easier-to-implement communications technologies allows these organizations to get the best ‘bang for their buck.’

“The product’s capability to integrate with other products should be incorporated into your evaluation,” said Oloriz, “The integration-across-areas requirement often forces multiple vendors to inter operate and reduces the overall influence of one vendor and tends to favor vendors that support easier integration.”

Global CTI Group is a business communications solutions provider headquartered in Bakersfield, California with a regional office in Irvine, California, and a variety of virtual sales and engineering offices statewide.  For more information on how Global CTI can help your business, organization or district move forward, please call 1-800-366-1711 or visit us at

Geoffrey Taylor, Marketing Communications Assistant
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