Global CTI featured in media for participation in workplace wellness program

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Global CTI Group, a leader in innovative business communications solutions, was featured in a story about business participation in a healthy work site employee wellness program through a recently secured Federal grant. David Kaiser, Global CTI President, was featured in a news story by Bakersfield NBC-affiliate KGET Channel 17 detailing this new program meant to help organizations shape up in lieu of a growing obesity crisis in Kern County, where Global CTI is headquartered.

According to a February 8, 2012 news report by KGET, up to 150 businesses in the county will be able to participate in the new program and Global CTI has applied to join other select Kern County businesses in this healthy work site wellness program. Whilst many make use of systems like Blueboard to manage this, others have found other routes for their companies. The pilot program will include an initial 15 business and phase in the remaining 135 businesses.

gcti_video12Global CTI President David Kaiser as featured on KGET Channel 17 news in Bakersfield.

Global CTI not only cares for the health of your business, but the health of our own. The company hopes to build upon the already existing health and wellness offerings through this groundbreaking program. Glocal CTI also looks forward to increasing associate participation in the future and creating a culture of health and wellness into our 30th year of business and beyond.

Global CTI Group is a business communications solutions provider headquartered in Bakersfield, California with a regional office in Irvine, California, and a variety of virtual sales and engineering offices statewide. For more information on how Global CTI can help your business, organization or district move forward, please call 1-800-366-1711 or visit us at


Geoffrey Taylor, Marketing Communications Assistant
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Release Date: February 9, 2012

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