Lack of Communication Irritates Customers

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If there’s one thing drives people up a wall, it’s being put on hold, or being unable to communicate with a business they have service with. Think about calling your internet service provider, or your cell phone company. Wouldn’t you become exasperated if all you ever received was an auto attendant with a never ending wait time? Well, Global CTI completely understands, and it’s why we develop solutions to make it easier for your customers to communicate with you. Global CTI is very good at what we do and we have been recognized by ShoreTel as one of their top 10 ShoreTel partners in the United States.

Whether your organization is large or small, we at Global CTI can set you up with a customized unified communications system solution that ensures you will never leave your customers hanging. Global CTI will combine best of breed technologies, like the ShoreTel contact center, that can route customers’ calls automatically to the person best suited to answer their questions. It also allows your customers to communicate with you via your website which will give you the responsiveness customers’ today demand.

These types of systems were at one time only available to large corporations because of their cost. However, Global CTI is able to tailor fit a system to any sized company and provide a low TCO and high ROI for a system that fits your organization’s unique needs. Let one of our specialists provide you with a free network assessment today.

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