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Linking Professional Service Companies Together with an IP-Based Business Communication System

The foundation of every professional service company is customer service. They provide service solely to sell it to their customers, so it had better meet customer satisfaction. The problem is that most professional services are not contained within one building, but that’s the way the customer views it. While you’re trying to meet customer demands, you have to simultaneously think about business growth and how you stand against other competitors. This could mean getting help in other areas from outside sources, for example, a business needs to stay afloat, so making sure their accounting is on track will help them keep on in other areas. Websites such as can assist in adding to business expansion without the worry of becoming stagnant.

The answer to both problems is using an IP-based business communications system that is high-performance, easy to use, and scalable. The ShoreTel phone system can provide all of this for any professional service company. Their unified communications system is cost-efficient, reliable, and it centralizes system management and functionality for maximum ease of use.

The ShoreTel phone system solves the problem of connecting your business into a single enterprise no matter how far apart they are. ShoreTel’s distributed architecture allows your company to work with customers as a unified organization, so you can connect all of your consultants, no matter how many regional, branch, and small offices you have. With one communication system, ShoreTel can give your business the tools to compete professionally and give your customers the reliability and stability they want.

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