Don’t Miss the Boat: Maximize Your Phone System ROI

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By David Kaiser, Global CTI President

Are you realizing maximum return on investment from your technology assets? My guess is no, you are not. In my experience I have witnessed organizations purchase technology to solve a known pain point within their organization without the proper due diligence to ensure the organization is uncovering things they don’t know. If you are not taking the time to learn and challenge your vendors to help you utilize your technology assets to maximize ROI then you are short changing your organization.

Successful organizations are always in learning mode but in today’s competitive space of technology sales, most sales people are in a rush to sell you a solution to meet their quarter end quota.  They don’t provide you with any insight and therefore very little value. For example, when procuring a phone system, most organizations are looking to replace an old system to simply provide dial tone and voice mail for their staff. If this is your view or expectation of your voice system then you are falling into the mistakes mentioned above. My advice, make sure your vendor is educating you on ways to realize value from your asset.  If they cannot have this discussion with you then you may need another vendor.

Here are 5 ways your vendor should be giving you the most bang for your buck:

  1.  Reduced Telecom Expenses:  Taking the time to perform an end-to-end review of your phone bill and usage can uncover savings opportunities that can provide an immediate return on investment
  2. Call Handling Features:  Improve customer service using inbound automatic call distribution, improved employee efficiency using presence and chat, and easy setup of new users at any site using centralized, web-based management
  3. Virtual Communication Savings:  Can you save money and boost efficiency by leveraging new virtual communication capabilities?
  4. Customer Growth from Improved Service:  Faster call handling times, resolution and overall service is something your voice vendor can help you achieve.
  5. Maximum Efficiency:  Proactive support and a fully-staffed Client Care department keep your system running at optimal levels – saving your staff time and money.

Every business with a VOIP phone system should already be realizing these 5 benefits.  If you’re not, you’re missing out on some hard and soft ROI that you can put towards your bottom line.


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