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On-Net Dialing for Multi-Site Companies

A Global CTI customer and international manufacturing company recently decided they wanted to standardize their phone system and allow users to do extension-to-extension dialing.

The company has multiple sites and divisions that they had acquired, and had no control over their extension numbering plan.  There were many extension number duplications, and a uniformed numbering plan seemed to be a mammoth task for them to implement.  Instead, they came to Global CTI and asked for a solution that would incorporate multiple sites into a single system – without any disruption in service.

Global CTI proposed a solution that utilizes On-Net dialing.  This allows sites that have conflicting extension numbers to keep their numbering plan.

The following is what a dial string would look like:

(X) (YYY) (ZZZZ)

X=Site Code

YYY=Site Number

XXXX=4 Digit Extension

To call an extension within the same site, a user just dials their 4 digit extension.  To call an extension at another site, you would first dial the Site Code, the Site Number, then the extension.

For ShoreTel customers using the Connect Client, you would simply click the name of the user you wish to call, and it will dial them automatically.