Outbound Call Campaign = Hundreds of Hours Saved

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We were recently contacted by a customer, a municipality in Central California.  Their utility department was in dire need of a solution to automate outbound notification calls to customers letting them know that their service was being threatened due to delinquent payment.

Since it is a legal mandate to notify residents whose power is in jeopardy of being shut off, the city had previously hung tags on doors and had employees make calls, one at a time.  Here’s what happened next:

  1. Global CTI evaluated the city’s needs.  They wanted to keep it simple and manageable by non-IT staff.
  2. Global CTI implemented an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) application that runs on a PC, calls customers from an uploaded customer list file, and plays a recording made using the phone voicemail system.
  3. The system made 5+ simultaneous outbound calls (in a language chosen by the constituent).
  4. The system tracked the success or failure of message delivery (requirement because of the legal mandate) and automatically retried any failed calls.
  5. At the end of the campaign, the system produced an easy-to-read report of the results.
  6. The system completed the campaign of 1200 calls in a few hours, a project that had previously taken weeks and hundreds of
    man hours to complete.

Is a smart IVR campaign a good fit for your business?  Let’s start a conversation and find out.

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