Ruckus Wireless brings Smart Wireless LAN (WLAN) technology to the enterprise environment

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Ruckus Wireless brings Smart Wireless LAN (WLAN) technology to the enterprise environment.


The Ruckus Smart Wireless LAN (WLAN) system includes the ZoneFlex 802.11a/b/g/n Smart Wi-Fi access points and bridges, ZoneDirector Smart WLAN controllers with Smart/OS, ZoneSwitch Power over Ethernet switches and the FlexMaster Remote Wi-Fi Management System


ZoneFlex – Overview

ZoneFlex is the centrally-managed Smart Wireless LAN (WLAN) system designed for enterprises that need robust, reliable and adaptable Wi-Fi at the lowest total cost of ownership. Unlike conventional WLAN systems that are costly, complex and cumbersome, Ruckus ZoneFlex system is perfect for enterprises with limited IT staff and budgets but still require a high performance, centrally-managed WLAN that is simple to install and simpler to manage.


ZoneFlex is the only “Smart” WLAN system available today that combines advanced Wi-Fi signal routing with wireless meshing and centralized management. The smarts come from patented hardware and software technologies that deliver predictable performance, extended range and real-time adaptability to changing Wi-Fi environments.

Completely standards-based, Ruckus Smart Wi-Fi access points feature state-of-the-art smart antenna arrays and RF traffic engineering software, dynamic best path signal selection, Automatic Interference Mitigation (AIM), ChannelFly dynamic channel management, Smart Mesh Networking, per client, per traffic-flow based Quality of Service (QoS),

and robust automated security.

ZoneFlex was purposely designed to fill the market gap between costly and complex high-end WLAN switching systems and cheap, low-end consumer-grade Wi-Fi products.


ZoneDirector – Smart WLAN Controller – Overview

ZoneDirector Smart WLAN controllers are the first enterprise-class Smart WLAN solutions that deliver a simple, secure, robust and highly scalable WLAN at an unmatched total cost of ownership.

Based on a distributed forwarding architecture, ZoneDirectors can be installed anywhere within an Ethernet (Layer 2) or IP (Layer 3) routed network without requiring all wireless traffic to flow through it, eliminating bottlenecks.

Support for tunneling ensures seamless, delay- and jitter-free mobility for VoIP traffic.


Supporting up to 1,000 APs, 20,000 clients and over 2,000 WLANs in a single controller, and capable of IPv6 networking, ZoneDirector delivers scalability without compromising manageability.

Automatic AP provisioning and resource optimization, self-forming and self-healing Smart Mesh Networking, and user provisioning with Ruckus patented Dynamic Pre-Shared Keys, Zero-IT, and dynamic VLANs means less time setting up, more time to focus on more important things.

AP and WLAN groups simplify configuration and deployment, while a highly intuitive and customizable dashboard and intelligent search tools aid monitoring and troubleshooting.


Smart Wi-Fi Mesh Networking saves time and money

Smart Mesh Networking, a standard feature, allows reliable and adaptive connections to be automatically created between ZoneFlex Smart Wi-Fi APs using only wireless (RF) connections. This allows enterprises to extend or create WLANs without having to pull Ethernet cables to every AP, thereby speeding deployment times and reducing traditional operational costs. Nothing to configure, nothing to do, plug them in to power and walk away. ZoneFlex does the rest.


ZoneFlex 802.11 Smart Wi-Fi Access Points and Bridges

Ruckus ZoneFlex Smart Wi-Fi APs are the first centrally-managed, multimedia Wi-Fi APs capable of extending Wi-Fi signals two to four-times farther than a

conventional AP.

ZoneFlex Smart Wi-Fi APs utilize an integrated, miniaturized smart antenna array that continuously steers Wi-Fi traffic over the best performing signal paths, automatically

avoiding interference and obstacles. This enables unmatched and unprecedented Wi-Fi reliability.

Unique Ruckus ChannelFly dynamic channel management combines with adaptive antenna interference mitigation techniques to automatically choose the channel that delivers the most network capacity.

ZoneFlex APs can be deployed in standalone mode without a ZoneDirector controller, or in a classic “split-MAC” mode with the controller.

Together with ZoneDirector, ZoneFlex APs plug and play with minimal operational overhead.


Ruckus BeamFlex™

Is a patented Wi-Fi smart antenna implementation, enables consistent, high performance multimedia support by continuously ranking the antenna configurations for each receiving device and re-configuring itself in real-time to bypass interference and physical barriers. Highly sensitive antenna elements provide up to 9dBi of antenna gain, 17dB of interference rejection and offer the industry’s most sensitive Wi-Fi receiving capabilities (up to -98dBm).

This translates into fewer APs, more satisfied users, and a cost-effective system that eliminates Wi-Fi dead spots and significantly extends the range and performance of the Wi-Fi network.


Ruckus ChannelFly

Ruckus ChannelFly channel selection engine runs in every ZoneFlex Smart Wi-Fi AP to automatically select the channel providing the greatest client capacity.

Most other channel selection algorithms scan channels in the background, taking a snapshot of interference on alternative channels.

However, interference offers only a limited assessment of channel suitability. On the other hand, ChannelFly measures channel capacity and interference over time. By evaluating

trends in capacity, ChannelFly can quickly and intelligently react to drops in capacity. This results in performance improvements up to twice what systems selecting based on background scanning alone can achieve.



FlexMaster, a Linux-based management platform, uses industry-standard protocols (SNMP, SOAP, XML, TCP, and HTTP/S) to access devices on networks that otherwise might be blocked by local firewalls or NAT devices. The network manager can delegate administrative support, remotely control, monitor and upgrade the ZoneFlex Smart WLAN system worldwide over the Internet or any private, public or hybrid IP wide area network.

The network manager performs all critical administration and control functions from a single intuitive, web-based interface.

Advanced capabilities lets companies build networks, create unique configuration parameters on a bulk basis, load different versions of firmware for each group of devices, monitor events, generate trend reports, and upgrade devices individually or in groups with a simple click of the mouse in 5 minutes or less.


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