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You didn’t go into business to fix your IT infrastructure. It’s a necessary element that, when managed by Global CTI,  becomes a competitive advantage. Every minute you spend managing your IT infrastructure leaves less time and brainpower to devote to what really matters – growing your business. Global CTI’s managed IT solution, RADIANT, takes everything from end-user computer service, to voice, to complete data network support off your plate and puts it onto ours.

  • Avoid the costs and hassle of owning and maintaining voice and data systems.
  • Quickly and easily make changes to your system equipment and usage on a month-to-month basis.
  • Handle seasonal traffic volumes without costly equipment outlays.

Get the flexibility you need to adapt to business fluctuations now and down the road with RADIANT, Global CTI’s managed voice and data services. Contact us today to see how RADIANT makes IT easy.

Five Little Known Facts About Santa Barbara, California

The community of Santa Barbara, California has long been a highly respected and much sought after area to both live in and travel to in Southern California. The city offers some of the nicest beaches in the area and its location between the beautiful Santa Ynez Mountains and the Pacific Ocean make it also one of the more scenic locations in the region. The area is unique in that though it rests on America’s west coast, its coastline actually runs in the east-west directions as opposed to the north-south directions. With its close proximity to more popular destinations in Southern California like Beverly Hills, Malibu, Hollywood, and Los Angeles, the community of Santa Barbara is often overshadowed by its neighbors.

Here is a look at five little known facts about Santa Barbara, California.

1. One of the more popular beach locations in Santa Barbara is Mesa Beach located just below Shoreline Park. The wooden steps that lead down to Mesa Beach are only usable during low tide as all of Mesa Beach is submerged beneath ocean water during high tide.

2. Though Hollywood and Los Angeles are famous the world over for their associations with both the television and movie industries, during the silent film era the largest movie studio in the world was Flying A Studios located in Santa Barbara.

3. Oil was discovered in the Santa Barbara area just before 1900 and what would be the world’s first offshore oil drilling development soon sprouted up and is still active today.

4. The only attack on the mainland of the United States during World War II occurred about ten miles offshore to the west of Santa Barbara when a Japanese submarine fired shells at the Elwood Oil Field.

5. Having been published since 1855, the Santa Barbara News-Press is the oldest daily newspaper located in all of Southern California.