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ShoreTel Makes Real-Time Conferencing Simple

ShoreTel is all about simplicity, which should be the backbone of any good UC system. At Global CTI, we recognize the importance of making technology easy to use and accessible in your workplace at all times. Taking simple to the next step, ShoreTel mobility kicked it up a notch by enabling the iPad to become a UC endpoint.

This new feature makes it possible for your employees to use the devices with which they are most familiar, while continuing to improve business productivity for IT professionals and end users. With ShoreTel conferencing for iOS, you can also stay linked to a conference, no matter where you are physically. This means you can work from the road just as easily as from your home or office.

ShoreTel Conferencing for iOS allows all users to access real time collaboration through an iPhone or iPad. This means you are no longer tethered to a computer. You can video conference just as easily – if not more so – through your tablet and phone. The best part is that ShoreTel Conferencing and ShoreTel Mobility can work alongside one another on any network. This feature especially comes in handy for impromptu video conferences and spur of the moment meetings.

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