ShoreTel Outbound Campaign IVR Application

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ShoreTel Advance Applications

ShoreTel – Outbound Campaign IVR Application

  • Software only – Leverages existing ShoreTel system resources
  • Works equally well with ShoreTel, Workgroups, and Contact Center deployments

Create ShoreTel-powered automated calling campaigns for a wide variety of purposes, such as:

Simple Announcements

Community reminders and school snow days

Scripted Interactions

Appointment reminders

Payment processing

Phone surveys

  • This application allows you to provide called parties with the option to talk with company representatives, leveraging built-in screen pop support to ensure efficient and accurate customer care. Fine tune trunk usage, call rates and retry logic and leverage detailed transactional reports to drive business priorities.

The ShoreTel Outbound Campaign IVR Application provides customers with a powerful, flexible and easy to use platform for efficiently communicating with their stakeholders today and is continuously adaptable for years to come.


A powerful ShoreTel-integrated solution allowing businesses & organizations to communicate & interact efficiently & cost-effectively with their customers

  • Wide variety of  audiences
    • Dental & Medical Offices
    • Utility Companies
    • Schools
    • Local & State Governments
  • Flexible Interactive Notification offering
    • Software only – Leverages existing ShoreTel system resources
    • Works equally well with ShoreTel, Workgroups, & Contact Center deployments
  • Customers easily create Sophisticated Interactive Call Flows
    • Graphical UI & Powerful Scripting
  • Simple Announcements
    • Community Reminders
    • School snow days
  • Scripted Announcements with dynamic content
    • Appointment reminders “You have an appointment on May 12th with Dr. Kelly.  Press 1 to confirm your appointment or press 2 to be connected to our office to re-schedule.”
    • Financial Transactions:  “Your electric bill is 3 days overdue.  Your last payment was made on December 16th in the amount of $176.48.  Press 1 to make a payment using our automated system or press 2 to speak to a company representative for more information.”
  • Introduction and transfer to queue with associated desktop integration
    • Enables efficient and accurate customer care
  • Campaigns can be initiated manually or automatically (invoked from a script)
    • Allows for headless, schedule based initiation
  • Easy to use graphical Administration for Campaign Creation & Monitoring
    • Checkboxes & Form fields for standard campaigns
    • XML scripting for interactive flows
    • Real-time view of calls & campaign progress


  • Software only loaded onto ShoreWare Director and/or any DVS server
    • Associated with dedicated Route Point
    • Pricing structured according to number of  simultaneous calls allowed


Campaigns driven by CSV files

  • Campaigns driven by Input Files (CSV format)
  • Call results stored to a detailed Output File for later reporting
    • Campaign Creation
    • School snow days
  • Fine tune control over campaign parameters
    • Simultaneous outcalls, Pre-configured throttling to match agent & trunk capacity
    • Calling cycle timing & Retry logic
  • Desktop Integration Hooks
    • Pass campaign parameters as call properties
    • Agents enjoy automated preview access to associated customer record

Equip agent desktops with software such as ShoreTel EasyPop, Adapter, etc.

  • Multiple prompts strung together into one message
  • Prompts including customer specific variable data read from the input file — dates, times, currency amounts
  • Unique prompt files per called party
  • Digit response capture & save to the output CSV file
    • Customers create their own or commission ShoreTel Professional Services to create reports

Application installed on Director and/or DVS servers

  • Careful provisioning is key
  • Outbound Campaign IVR will share media stream resources with VoiceMail, Auto-Attendant, Call Recording, and others
  • 254 media streams per MS server
  • To add capacity, install additional DVS instances

Configure multiple campaigns

-One campaign can be running per server instance

-Licensing is based on overall (single or multiple instance) simultaneous calls

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