ShoreTel Outlook 2003 Support

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ShoreTel Outlook 2003 Support

With the introduction of ShoreTel 12, support for MS Outlook 2003 was discontinued.
While ShoreTel support for Outlook 2003 was discontinued, it will still continue to work the ShoreTel Communicator.
Caveat: Newly added features with ShoreTel 12 were designed to work with MS Outlook client 2007, 2010. (See One Click Conferencing below)
ShoreTel TAC will no longer field calls for troubleshooting problems with Outlook 2003 and the Communicator.

MS Exchange versus MS Outlook

People sometimes confuse MS Exchange with MS Outlook.
MS Exchange is part of the Microsoft Server line of server products providing server software use for email, calendaring, contacts, and tasks that work with MS Outlook for PC and MAC.
MS Exchange is the server software providing the services to the email clients such as MS Outlook.
While MS Exchange has changed in software versions such as Exchange 5.0, 5.5, 2003, 2007 and 2010. The client application MS Outlook will vary also.
It’s not uncommon to have a corporate MS Exchange server software at Exchange 2007 and the MS Outlook clients running the email client Outlook 2003, 2007, and 2010. (Outlook 2011 for MAC)

ShoreTel Communicator works with MS Outlook client

The ShoreTel Communicator works with the client MS Outlook client and not dependent on the MS Exchange server release.
This is an important item to note, a common misconception is that ShoreTel Communicator works with MS Exchange.

Microsoft Outlook add-ons, Microsoft Outlook plug-ins, Microsoft Outlook extensions, etc.)

Outlook Add-ins are small helping programs for the Microsoft Outlook application. The main purpose of the add-ins is to add new functional capabilities into Microsoft Outlook and automate some routine operations. Add-in also refers to programs where the main function is to work on Outlook files such as synchronization.
From Outlook 97 on, Exchange Client Extensions are supported in Outlook. Outlook 2000 and later support specific COM components called Outlook AddIns.
The exact supported features (such as .NET components) for later generations were extended with each release.

ShoreTel Communicator – Email Integration

ShoreTel 12 Communicator presently supports email integration with the following products:

• Outlook 2007, SP2

• Outlook 2010 (32 bit)

In ShoreTel 12, Outlook 2003 is no longer supported.

While support for Outlook 2003 has been discontinued from ShoreTel, it’s not to say that the ShoreTel Communicator will not work with MS Outlook 2003 client.
Some of the new features introduced with ShoreTel 12 adds functionality to integrate Outlook plugins for the new SA-100 one-click conference scheduling.

One Click Conferencing Support for Microsoft Outlook 2007, 2010

ShoreTel Conferencing Services integrate into Microsoft Outlook 2007, 2010 to facilitate simple and rapid scheduling of conferences from within Outlook appointments.
Consult the ShoreTel Conferencing User Guide for detailed description and usage information.

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