ShoreTel Professional Services – Integrated Applications Catalog

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ShoreTel Professional Services – Integrated Applications Catalog

ShoreTel offers a portfolio of software applications that deliver on the promise of unified communications (UC) and help increase the return on investment from both the ShoreTel UC system and the customer’s existing business applications.

By effectively integrating with current business processes, these applications can help increase employee productivity, shorten response times, encourage collaboration, and improve customer satisfaction. All these are desired features for any company, hence why so many invest in software development outsourcing to help them expand in these areas.

Packaged offerings include integrations with, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, NetSuite CRM, Copitrak, Equitrac, and many others. Software integration also makes it possible to offer organizations crucial communication and safety benefits, for instance internal notification when an emergency call is placed on the ShoreTel system.

In addition to an expanding set of packaged solutions, ShoreTel offers custom software development services to help address unique business requirements and give organizations a competitive edge. To find out more about the benefits of custom software development, take a look at this article on Ourcodeworld.

Examples of custom capabilities include the ability to embed ShoreTel call control within other applications or to automatically harvest in depth statistics using customer information. Both packaged and custom applications are available through an authorized ShoreTel reseller or distributor.

Custom Applications Catalog Items

  • AMS 360 Integration Application
  • Application Dialer (“AppDialer”)
  • AS/400 Connector
  • BCA (Bridged Call Appearance) Call Hold Monitor
  • Call Compliance TeleblockTM “Do Not Call” Database integration
  • Call Handling Mode (CHM) Override Application
  • Call Handling Mode (CHM) Schedule Application
  • Call Quality Monitoring tools
  • Call Recorder
  • Call Router
  • Call Me Now Application
  • Caller Directed Router
  • Contact Center Agent Activity Event Feed Web Service
  • Contact Center Agent Alert
  • Contact Center Agent Dashboard
  • Contact Center Instant Override Message
  • Contact Center Interaction Viewer
  • Cost Recovery Integration Application
  • Custom Reports
  • Emergency Notification Application
  • Enhanced Historical Reports
  • Enhanced Paging Application
  • Enhanced Workgroup Reports
  • Hospitality Connector for Duvoice
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Applications
  • LexisNexis ® Time Matters Integration Application
  • Microsoft Dynamics ® CRM integration
  • Netsuite ® Integration
  • Nuisance and Junk FAX Call Handler Application
  • Outbound Campaign (IVR) Application
  • Real-Time Workgroup Monitor Application
  • Report Scheduler Application
  • RightNowTM CRM Integration
  • salesforce.comTM Call Center Adapter
  • Schedule Based Routing (“On Call Router”) Application
  • SEDC UtilityPOWERnet Connector
  • Site Router Application
  • Super Group Application
  • System Directory Synchronization Application
  • Universal CRM Connector (aka “EasyPop”) Application.
  • User Group Schedule Application
  • Voice Forms IVR Application
  • Web Dialer

The majority of the above applications can be installed on a trial basis. These trial downloads are available on the ShoreTel Partner Website. An Applications License Server software is required before installing the trial applications.

Custom Applications

ShoreTel can leverage their own group of internal application developers as well as our network of development partners to deliver innovative custom applications and integration that enhances the core ShoreTel product and enrich ShoreTel’s ability to thoroughly serve their customers. For more information, or to discuss specific needs please contact Professional Services at +1 (800) 425-9385 x3331 or +1 (408) 331-3331

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