ShoreTel Upgrade Paths from prior Release 8.1 to 12.2

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ShoreTel Upgrade Paths from prior Release 8.1 to 12.2

The last ShoreTel Daily Factoid explained the single step process from software release 10.x and 11.x directly to release 12.2

The following explains an overview of the process to take an older release 8.1 or 9.x up to release 12.2


Older software releases require an intermediate upgrade step prior going to the latest release 12.2.

Several database changes occurred in the previous releases requiring a database conversion to take place prior to upgrading to the final release.

This is accomplished by following a upgrade path that allows for the conversion of the database prior to upgrading to 12.2.



The customer is on software release 8.1 and would like to upgrade to 12.2

The software must first be upgraded to software release 10.2, once upgrade to 10.2 the software and then single step upgrade to 12.2


An example of this intermediate step is as follows:

We will use intermediate general release 10.2.


Upgrade to 10.2

The following direct Server upgrade paths are supported for this release:

ShoreTel 8.1 all versions à ShoreTel 10.2

ShoreTel 9/9.x all versions à ShoreTel 10.2

ShoreTel 10/10.x all versions à ShoreTel 10.2


Upgrades from versions prior to those listed above are not supported.

Earlier versions must be upgraded to ShoreTel 8.1 before upgrading to this release.


As mentioned above in the note, earlier versions of software such as 7.0, 7.5, 8.0 must first be upgraded to release 8.1 prior to upgrading to release 10.2. Once the database is on 10.2 the upgrade can be performed to 12.2.


While this factoid address the process of intermediate upgrade paths, keep in mind server hardware specifications changes as well.

Upgrade process steps are outlined in each of the specific release Build Notes for that given release of software.


Be aware that features were added along the way, and the client communicator also has to be batch updated to the latest release.

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