MitelConnect FAQs


Mitel Connect Sunsetting?
We’ll be there for you.

Mitel’s MiVoice Connect platform will be discontinued in 2030 due to emerging conflicts with Microsoft product updates.  The company plans to end all MiConnect production at the end of 2024 but will continue to provide support and updates through the end of 2030.  

You likely have concerns about your organization’s future voice demands. Global can help determine the best course of action with several new onsite and cloud-based system options available that can set your organization up for future success. Or we can talk through the pros and cons of maintaining the MiConnect system you have now.  

Regardless, Global is here to ensure that your concerns are addressed so you can make well-informed decisions on the path forward. You have our full support, and we’re here to ensure your Mitel transition goes smoothly. 

Here is the Mitel Connect sunset timeline:


When was this announcement made? On February 8, 2022 Mitel management announced to its partners (including Global CTI) that it would be discontinuing its MiConnect product, with a timed end-of-support date of December, 2030.

Why is Mitel doing this? The core Connect product has been in existence for over 15 years without any forklift upgrades. A great deal has changed in software development since ShoreTel originally created this system. The Connect software has some core structural code issues that will make it impossible for Mitel to maintain the code with Microsoft moving forward, without a complete rewrite.  Mitel has decided to focus on their legacy product that went through a complete rewrite a few years ago and is well positioned to be the number 1 premise-based PBX in the world. Mitel will be offering migration paths that will allow you to take advantage of the investment you currently have. 

Where can I go for more information if I have questions?  Please contact our Global CTI staff at 800-366-1711. We’ll be available to answer any of your concerns and connect you with product specialists to explore your options.

I haven’t heard from Global CTI. How can I set up a meeting with a decision maker there? We are in the process of reaching out to all Global Mitel Connect customers to schedule an appointment. If your situation is urgent, please call Global CTI president, David Kaiser at 661-716-3705.

Should I be concerned about Global CTI’s financial stability with this change? No, Global CTI is well diversified, with a strong balance sheet.

Are there any upcoming deadlines I should be concerned about while I’m weighing my choices? Just keep in mind Mitel announced they expect to end production of this product in December 2024.

Is there anything we can do stop this action from taking place?  Unfortunately, no. Mitel is fully committed to this path.

What is my best option?  Each situation is different.  Let’s discuss your situation and Global CTI will help you make a decision that is best for your organization.

What’s the cheapest option in the short term as I budget this out? It all depends on your business model and budget. Global CTI will help you navigate all your choices and be there to support your decision. 

Given the MiVoice Connect product is being sunset, does that mean that it will cost more for Global CTI to service that product for me?  Absolutely not.

Which of the UCaaS providers is best? You have many options based on your unique situation.  Let us know when you’re ready to talk and we’ll go through each of them. 

Are there other products or services I have in connection with MiVoice Connect that will impacted? If so, how?  MiVoice Connect is the core Unified Communications system providing your phone system services.  If you have a call center/contact center and utilize Mitel’s Enterprise Contact Center (ECC) that system will also follow the same end of life and support timelines.

What are the potential financial considerations for my business in deciding between the three options presented in your letter?  Let’s talk. Every Global CTI customer has a unique setup and we can make the ideal recommendation for you once we talk about your future goals and objectives. 

If I’m not concerned about the Mitel end of life and support dates, will my system still run and operate if I stick with my system because it does what I need it to do?  Yes, Mitel’s end of life support will not affect the performance and operability of your system.  Hardware and phones will typically be available for many years after through aftermarket avenues. 

You Have Options!

We understand Mitel’s decision to end the MiVoice Connect voice platform is disappointing for everyone.

While this news means future change, you have time to make decisions over the next few years. As you take the necessary time to consider the best decision for your organization, we are available to discuss any of several paths available to you including migrating to Mitel’s MiVoice Business platform, transitioning to a retail UCaaS solution, or making no changes at all.  Below is a summary of each of these three options: 

MiVoice Business: This is Mitel’s traditional PBX voice solution, which can be deployed as an on-premise solution or a private cloud solution. This path will provide you with the most flexible design and deployment, offering the ability to implement the solution either in your own virtual server farm or hosted in the cloud. Beyond increased optionality, MiVoice Business will also provide you with a path that should translate to the lowest total cost of ownership over time. This solution also supports a native integration to Microsoft Teams; a hybrid deployment option enables users that need Teams Collaboration to operate on the same phone system as users that don’t. 

Retail UCaaS: There are several paths for retail UCaaS solutions on the market today, including well-known options like 8×8 and RingCentral, among others. These providers are all public cloud offerings, and Global CTI can assist you with several provider options. As an example, we recently signed a partnership agreement with 8×8 that will allow us to deploy, support and invoice their cloud offering. Under this program, your organization would continue receiving support from the Global CTI service desk, which will provide you with a much stronger, responsive support option than dealing with large providers.  

Status Quo: You may decide to not make any changes at all. If so, Global CTI will continue to support you as we do today, and your system will continue to operate even after the product is EOL. At some point, MiVoice Connect may lose compatibility with new Microsoft operating systems. If this scenario should occur, you can rest assured that we will work with you to maintain your system, keeping you fully operational until you’re ready to make a change.