Insight Business Intelligence Services by Global CTI


INSIGHT Business Intelligence Services by Global CTI helps you consolidate and transform data into critical business insights.  Your data and INSIGHT’s expertise in mining it will transform your business.

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Boost Customer Satisfaction.

• Locate words and phrases in call recordings, uncovering insights for you to improve customer satisfaction

• Advanced call reports help you measure performance, volume and SLAs.

• Custom Call Queues set customer expectations, integrate marketing messages and improve customer experience.

• Measure customer satisfaction and boost loyalty with a carefully planned customer satisfaction program.

Take the guesswork out of call center staffing.

Staffing can make or break a call center and is the biggest expenditure for most businesses.  Staffing schedules must incorporate these questions:

  • How many additional agents will be necessary during high call volume periods?
  • Can the need be covered by staffers, or do we need to enlist extra help?
  • Will shifts need to be extended to accommodate call volume?

To reliably answer these questions without creating long hold times, breach SLAs or waste money by overstaffing, INSIGHT can leverage your data and automatically create staffing schedules basedon patterns and agent skill sets.


Bring it all together.

Let Insight Business Intelligence Services by Global CTI integrate all of your data sources and transform them into operational insight.

We can help you:

  • Act on real-time information with the help of dashboards specifically designed to facilitate quick decision-making
  • Integrate call reports and customer surveys with your CRM to give you a full picture of the customer experience.

Tapping your volumes of operational data and transforming them into improved operations is easy with Insight.  Let us work with you to design innovative solutions to boost profitability and drive your business to success.

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