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All data, voice, and video is dependent on a strong foundation core network infrastructure. Your Structured Cable, WiFi technology, routing & switching, and voice & data carrier circuits must be solid. Even the best applications will fail if your infrastructure has holes or weaknesses. Global CTI provides best in class solutions to ensure your infrastructure is solid.


Make the nuts and bolts beautiful.

It is no longer advisable for different parts of the network to be managed disparately or as add-ons; employees demand a seamless end-to-end experience and IT managers desire a simplified management platform that unifies wired and wireless with the same levels of security, management, and control. Organizations now have the ability to take more holistic architectural approaches to their network, enabling them to address the challenges of megatrends such as mobility, BYOD, and cloud services. The challenge becomes balancing new capabilities and investments with the cost-cutting mindset prevailing in many enterprises. This means finding ways to do more with less and extend the value of existing capital investments which means finding new ways to squeeze out even greater levels of management efficiency.

  • Infrastructure cost reduction — asset optimization for a scalable enterprise
  • IT staff productivity — reallocating resources to support innovation
  • User productivity — enhanced reliability and operations quality
  • Business productivity — revenue increase and enhanced business operations

Global CTI makes the “behind the scenes” part of your business look good, which in turn makes you look good to your customers and to each other. Experience the difference that expertly engineered routing and switching can make on the integrity, functionality and capability of your business.


Give customers what they want – reliable, unlimited WiFi.

WiFi isn’t a luxury anymore. Without access to it all day, every day, customers and employees may not give you the time of day. Let Global CTI outfit all of your locations, buildings, practices, offices, stores and campuses with reliable, accessible connectivity without compromising your network speed, performance or security.

  • Provide flexible work alternatives with a safe, fast Wi-Fi network.
  • Enjoy consistent policy, access and usage based on user ID and device type, regardless of location.
  • Reduce operating expenses with faster deployment, configuration and monitoring of your Wi-Fi network.
  • Share communication systems, not headsets with Wi-Fi-enabled systems that integrate desk phones, smartphones, desktops, laptops and mobile devices while delivering clear and reliable connections.

This just scratches the surface of what a smart, fast and secure Wi-Fi network customized to your unique business needs can do to support growth and innovation within your organization. Contact Global CTI today to explore how an optimized Wi-Fi network can help you.


On time, on budget performance, guaranteed.

What if your partner could exceed your expectations, finish faster and complete your project under budget? Stop dreaming and start doing business with Global CTI. We have the expertise and experience to complete your cabling project faster and with fewer errors than the competition. Get accurate, all-inclusive bids and one point of contact for all your needs, questions and concerns.

Let us plan, design and make your next building project profitable while delivering our services on-time! Let us work with you to identify not only potential road-blocks, but cost savings.


Make the right choice.

More than 30 years of experience in the telecommunications and IT services industry has taught us the best way to select and install Internet and voice circuits. When it comes to business communication, choosing the right vendor to supply the data and phone lines your business needs can mean the difference between thriving and barely surviving. Rely on our expertise to keep your lines of communication open – wherever you work.

Whether you are looking for voice lines, internet service or thinking about moving your business applications to the cloud, we can help. Global CTI is your one-stop for all voice, web, internet and cloud services.

Choose from a wide selection of voice and cloud services for local and multiple locations. Whatever the need, we’ll offer you the solution that best fits your needs.


  • Keep up with the rapid pace of technology
  • Maximize your bandwidth speed and business connectivity
  • Improve productivity with fast, dependable voice, high-speed internet and cloud services
  • Coordination and management of your carrier relationship between your providers
  • Trusted network partner working with your selected carrier through all aspects of service