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Is your data secure? No, it is not! Your data faces security risks from both inside and outside your organization.

Questions you should be asking:

  • What happens to my data if my servers crash tonight?
  • What happens if a disgruntled employee deletes files?
  • What are my employees doing on my network via their computers?
  • Can we get a virus from email?
  • Can someone hack into my network?

Keep threats out and information in.

The ever persistent threat of cyber-attacks on your network will keep you up at night. We deliver the industry best and most robust security solutions available.  We’ll deliver a high performance network security platform for your core and edge which delivers flexibility to deliver the right functions at the right places.

Global CTI helps you protect your business without frustrating your workers or hindering your growth. Enjoy a complete, integrated and flexible security solution with simple switching and deployment; malware detection and dismantlement; mobile security, web filtering and patch assessment.


Email Encryption

Send confidential emails with confidence using email encryption. Your message remains encrypted all the way to the recipient. You control who sees your messages, and a patented delivery slip will show you when they’re received and opened.

  • Ensure the protection of your confidential information and help maintain
    regulatory compliance
  • Scales to the largest enterprise and integrates with existing technology investments, including content filtering and identity management solutions

Email Continuity

Natural disasters. Service disruptions. Routine maintenance. Lots of things can take your servers down, but your email doesn’t have to go with it. Our Email Continuity Service is always on, simple to use and affordable. Best of all, it’s an effective way to protect your company from costly email outages.


Spam and Virus Protection

We make it easy to keep your email free of spam and viruses, 99 percent of unwanted messages will never reach your inbox.

Inbound and Outbound Email Protection

The filtering system is continually updated 2,000-4,000 times per day to ensure protection from even the newest Spammer tricks and tactics. It works on multiple platforms and utilizes proprietary detection systems, four virus-scanning engines, more than 60 filtering techniques, and wave-front detection to rid inbound and outbound email from spam, worms and viruses as well as protocol-based vulnerabilities.

Daily Held Spam Reports

Even the most effective solutions will occasionally stop a valid message. When this happens, users can instantly release the message by using their daily Held Spam Report. This detailed report can be enabled per end-user and provides them with 100% visibility of all mail that has been held as spam, or “junk.” Web access to the quarantined email is also available to administrators or end-users.


Backup Disaster Recovery

Your stakeholders all rely on the data and resources in the data center to effectively connect, collaborate, and create. Businesses large and small create and manage large volumes of electronic information or data. Much of that data is important. Some data is vital to the survival and continued operation of the business.

The impact of data loss or corruption from hardware failure, human error, hacking or malware could be significant. A plan for data backup and restoration of electronic information is essential. The data center has become more strategic than ever, improving productivity, enhancing business processes, and accelerating change. Strengthen your data protection, streamline backup and recovery, and meet a wide range of service levels, all while optimizing your environment with a full range of platform, software, and subscription-based service solutions. Priorities and recovery time objectives for information technology should be developed during a business impact analysis.


Mobile Security

Personal devices like smartphones and tablets have become an extension of people’s lives, at home and now at work too. More and more companies are turning to bring-your-own-device (BYOD) solutions to provide greater access, mobility and productivity for their teams. For executives it means cost reduction. For the user it means flexibility. But for IT departments, it introduces a host of challenges:


  • Competition from outside entities to provide services, devices, etc.
  • Lack of control over device proliferation
  • Demand for more flexible corporate standards
  • Implications for Network, Security, Collaboration, Data Centers, etc.

Companies with effective BYOD policies and tools have the advantage in terms of recruiting and employee retention. Corporate culture is clearly enhanced by empowering employees to innovate in their environment