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ShoreTel User Training
Data Sheets

End User Training

Our brilliantly simple solution was built from the ground up, making it easy to manage and use. That same philosophy applies to our End User training offerings for ShoreTel customers.

ShoreTel Connect Cloud User Tutorial

ShoreTel Connect Cloud Administrator Training

ShoreTel ONSITE Training Video

Data Sheets

Dig in. See our solutions in action and learn more about our services with these case studies and data sheets.

GCTI Gets Citrus College Up and Running

After unexpected flooding damaged Citrus College’s communications infrastructure, Global CTI got the school’s phone system back on fast. See for yourself why Citrus College’s Network Central Computing and Telecommunications Supervisor, Leigh Buckwald says, “Global CTI has been the most efficient and well organized vendor I have worked with in my 25 years here at Citrus College.”

Hanford Gets Modern Communications Thanks to Global CTI

Read about how GCTI upgraded the City of Hanford’s outdated phone system to a modern communications infrastructure and what makes IT Director for the City of Hanford, Eric Forcey, sing our praises.

Reliability and Cost Savings Take Center Stage at Idyllwild Arts Academy

See how the Idyllwild Arts Academy saved about 75% on its phone system costs by upgrading to a modern phone system with Global CTI.

GCTI 5 Signs Ebook

The Internet has redefined what it means to run a business. See how that change and others, necessitate a modern phone system and discern whether or not your current phone system is up to the task.


Get answers to your questions here.

If you can’t find the answer you’re looking for, contact our technical help department.

A: Call us at (800) 854-4242 or Email our Client Care Team at “Closed Loop” ticketing will be activated at the time of your call which allows our Client Care Team to track your requests and ensure the highest level of responsiveness.

A: Call us at (800) 854-4242 and an afterhours voicemail is available during non-business hours. Customers have the option of leaving a message requesting next available dispatch, or in an emergency, pager notification to the on-call Technician.

A: If you request Emergency pager notification to the Technician on-call, we will typically respond within 30 minutes. We have a back-up system of engineers and technicians who are on call to ensure prompt service. Note: After hours charges for responses during non-business hours will apply in all cases except for those Clients who have afterhours coverage specified in their SLA.

A: Call us at (800) 854-4242 or Email our client Care Team at Please be prepared to provide details to the Client Care Representative regarding the nature of the changes needed, including any time of day restrictions for completing work.

A: Our Client Care Team will quote rates to you when you call in for service.

A: Please review the Exhibit S of your support contract for rate details.

A: Call us at (800) 854-4242.

A: Please review the Exhibit S of your support contract for details of benefits.

A: Please review the Exhibit S of your support contract for details of benefits.

A: Please review the Exhibit S of your support contract for details of benefits.

A: Your Account Manager will contact you 60-90 days from the term date and provide you with a renewal quote.

A: Yes, call (800) 854-4242 or your account rep.

A: Regular business hours are 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM Monday through Friday.

A: Call us at (800) 854-4242 and someone will connect you.

A: Call us at (800) 854-4242 and someone will connect you with our Accounts Receivable department.

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