Technology Meets Business Strategy: 3 Healthcare Success Stories

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We all know that there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all phone system.  So when we met these three healthcare prospects, we knew they had unique challenges that we needed to address in order to win their business.  Here’s a glimpse at how we did that, and how Global CTI differentiated itself in the marketplace:

Healthcare Case Study #1

An eye care center based in the San Joaquin valley had an old Mitel system in 2012 that was no longer supported and was in need of a new phone system.  They have a call center with two groups of agents, Billing and Customer Service.  We were referred to this prospect from a friend that does business with them and we were late to the game.  We came in with a consultative role to look at the designs offered by other ShoreTel partners, as well as a few other manufacturer competitors (Mitel and Avaya).  We quickly learned they really liked what they saw with ShoreTel.  This is where our discovery process comes into play:

We asked detailed questions to learn about their business and how the phone system is used to interact with their patients and also internally.  The one question that we asked that really got the CIO’s attention was “let me see what you’re using today to manage your call centers”.  No other vendor asked that question.  We learned real quick the solution offered by our competitors would not work and would only leave them frustrated if they went that direction.  They absolutely needed ShoreTel Enterprise Call Center.  This 45 min consulting meeting turned into the opportunity to earn their business.

Healthcare Case Study #2

This prospect is a world-wide organization, but in 2013 an opportunity arose for their NA call centers in Fresno and Canada.  They had an old Alcatel system that is old and no longer supported.  They were seeking a phone system that would only support the call centers, but had to integrate into their existing Alcatel.  We had an initial meeting to understand their absolute “must haves” and provide a demo of ShoreTel Enterprise Contact Center’s functionality.  The prospect was convinced ShoreTel and Global would fit the bill so they started to provide us with the requirements (quantities).  We felt it would be good to shadow a few of their agents so we could get a better understanding of the tools they use from an agents perspective and how we would have to customize the ECC dashboard to make the transition as smooth as possible.  This proved to be quite valuable as we discovered other things that we did not get in our discovery meeting with the company’s leadership:

A need for call documentation (recording and screen capture) would revolutionize the way they coach and train their agents (at the time a manager would have to sit and listen in real time).  With call documentation the calls are recorded and they can review at their convenience and also review with the agent.  Finally, we built a custom call metric they could see on a real time basis to ensure each agent and team are reaching their SLA’s with their customers.  This customer is now looking to add a web chat feature to their website so that they can improve communication with their clients.  Global CTI is their one-stop shop for all of these enhancements to their phone system capabilities.

Healthcare Case Study #3

A self-funded medical administrator with 180,000 members came to Global CTI in 2014.  They had an old NorTel phone system with call center that was obsolete.  They were in need of a replacement and were evaluating ShoreTel, Avaya and Cisco, as well as a hosted solution.  We also shadowed their agents and found they were inputting the same information twice, once in the customer database and again in a spread sheet for QA purposes.  We found that implementing a call documentation tool would prevent them from doing duplicate data entry, saving the agents valuable time.  After earning their business, we  developed a custom time clock application for them.  This customer now takes advantage of multi-language support (all system prompts are in French in Quebec Canada offices) and the single-image system nature of ShoreTel for after-hours support.  Call flows to other time zone offices to offer expanded availability of support to their Canada customers across 3 time zones.  They also have advanced call reporting to track call flow patterns in order to optimize employee scheduling and workforce management.

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