The Future is Now – Predictions of Futures Past

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It has finally happened. We’re now in 2015, the year that was depicted as the future in “Back to the Future II”. The movie made many predictions as to where we’d be now. Many of these predictions came about, others did not. Back to the Future II stirred the imaginations of those that watched it as to the potential that the future could bring. What are some of these predictions that have come to pass?

We now have flat screen TVs mounted on our walls and we have made the transition from the 4×3 aspect ratio to 16×9 widescreen aspect ratio. Tube TVs have gone the way of the dinosaurs!

Another innovation that has come about is video conferencing. videoconferencingIt has revolutionized staying keeping up relationships, whether it is for collaboration with fellow coworkers, or keeping in contact with family half a world away. Video conferencing has really minimized the effect that distance has on things.

Thumbprint1There are many of us who now use our thumb print as a form of identification to access or smartphone or other devices. This was another prediction that was made in the movie, as Marty was being asked to give money to help save the clock tower. How? By putting your thumb on the smart-phone like device and, by doing so, it transfers the money.

There are a number of predictions that didn’t to pass; double ties didn’t catch on as a fashion fad, the Cubs still haven’t won a world series, we’re still waiting for a massed produced flux-capacitor equipped DeLorean, and we still haven’t made the much beloved Hover Board work quite yet.



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