The Top 3 Things To Do In An Active Shooter Attack

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Unfortunately, active shooter attacks are increasing not decreasing and the chances of any of us experiencing such an act of violence is becoming more likely than not. Prepare yourself for the unexpected and you can make it through an active shooter attack.

Michael Booker from CASE Consulting for Active Shooter Emergencies offers these three critical components of active shooter response:

Know Your Surroundings

Always know your closest exits from the room or event your attending.

Locate more than one exit just in case the exit you had planned to use is compromised or in the direction of the active shooter threat.

Pay attention to people in your area. Often times the shooter will act nervous or agitated prior to implementing his plan of attack. Also, the shooter could be standing or walking oddly, trying to conceal weapons on their person. If you see a suspicious person, contact security personnel or law enforcement and have them investigate the person.

Don’t Hesitate

When the attack has begun, move quickly away from the attacker and remove yourself from the shooter’s view. Active shooters randomly choose their victims and can’t shoot those he cannot see. There is a very short window of opportunity for you to evade the shooter and attempt to escape the area. Hesitating to find an exit, determining if what you heard was in fact gun fire, or hiding in place will greatly reduce your survival of such an attack.

Commit To Your Actions

Whether your decision is to escape the area, barricade and hide from the shooter, or fight for your life, you must commit to your actions. Second guessing, letting your fears control you, and indecisiveness will hinder your success in surviving an active shooter. That window of opportunity closes quickly and hesitating can make the difference between life and death.


For more information about Active Shooter Preparedness, contact:

Michael Booker

Consulting for Active Shooter Emergencies LLC


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