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Why TCO Is Important

The Total Cost of Ownership or TCO is a gauge used to determine what the technology and systems cost to own, operate, and manage in a business. TCO is particularly important when you’re comparing unified communications solutions, and it allows companies to appraise competing services on a uniform level. A business that chooses a solution with a low TCO can gain substantial cost advantages in implementation, training, maintenance, and system management and give them the ROI to make it worthwhile.

Usually, businesses can expect their IP telephone systems to last for about six years. When you combine this fact with the reality that system complexity is rapidly increasing and creating a greater need for management and support, TCO is a much bigger factor businesses need to consider more than ever before.

With a ShoreTel phone system, your business can experience the lowest TCO possible. On average, ShoreTel’s implementation costs were $14,000 less than three other major competitors, and their deployments were consistently twice as fast.  The training costs for a ShoreTel solution were also at least 35% lower than other standard deployments. Maintenance and assurance costs are also between $16 and $100 dollars cheaper than two other major competitors.

If your business is looking for a unified communications solution with a low TCO, see what a ShoreTel system can do for you. Improve your communications and spend less money while enjoying better, simpler service. If you want to learn more please contact us today at 1-800-366-1711.