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Service Mission; Service Roots

David-headshot Global_sGlobal CTI Group is an effective communications provider with appreciation for the harmony of pride and humility. David Kaiser founded GCTI with a mission to help employees and customers reach their pinnacle in success.

With a B.S. in Computer Science and an M.B.A., Kaiser started GCTI as a one-man technology consulting shop. His services tapped into a burgeoning market. Employee numbers grew, investors followed, and in 2001 the business was incorporated.

The technology wave was exciting, and change was imminent. GCTI was early to adopt new services and abilities, but never dared jeopardize its principles of business. Kaiser’s humble roots instilled intrinsic honesty and diligence in all aspects of the company.

“I grew up on a farm,” said Kaiser, “The tunnel vision of youth kept me thinking that was my future. Evidently I made a career change. I translated essential life lessons from my childhood on that farm to GCTI, and we are better for it.”

In 2007 GCTI partnered with ShoreTel and has since earned a position in the ShoreTel Circle of Excellence as one of the top ten ShoreTel partners in the United States.

Our Genesis

This is a story about a technology company whose genesis is rooted in a family farm. David Kaiser was raised on a farm on the outskirts of Bakersfield, CA. Hard work and a person’s word were ingrained as his values at a very young age. Although David wanted to become a farmer, his father encouraged him to experience college and learn about the technology wave that was just beginning. After receiving his B.S. in Computer Science from Cal State Bakersfield, David decided to pursue a different career than the family farm and took an IT job in the energy sector. He got married, went back to school and got his MBA, and moved up the ranks within the company he worked. Soon kids came and the needs of his family sprouted the beginnings of Global CTI.

In an effort to supplement his income, David began working nights and weekends as a technology consultant. His nights and weekends soon began to demand more of his time so he worked out a deal with his employer to establish an office within the existing facility. He added a few employees and the business just kept growing. In 2000 the owner of the energy company joined Global CTI as an investor and the business was incorporated in 2001. In 2003 Global CTI acquired three NEC Interconnects, Metro Audio in Bakersfield, Central Telecom in Los Angeles, and KiwiTel in Orange County.

In 2007, Global CTI entered into an agreement with ShoreTel and has become one of the top ten ShoreTel partners in the United States with their induction into the ShoreTel Circle of Excellence.

A company’s mission is its reason for existence and its values are the way in which it behaves. What sets Global CTI apart from its competitors is that the people of Global CTI understands this and live it. When asked “Why is Global CTI in business?” David answers as follows:

“I started the business because I had something to offer companies to make them better and I wanted to create a better life for my family and me. Global CTI exists to help our employees and customers be as successful as they can be and we accomplish this with set of core values that I learned on that farm many years ago: Pride, A Willingness to Sweep Floors, and Humility (Simple not Flashy). I am surrounded by people who believe in our Mission and Values. We design, install, and support integrated communication systems and we are damn good at it. We persevere when things are tough and always remember that without our clients and team members we do not exist.”


Our direction is derived from our Mission and Values. With these in mind we have created process and controls that enable our company to deliver mission critical communication solutions to our clients that are second to none. When we are faced with a question our job is to ask ourselves, “How will our decision help achieve our Mission?” This makes our decision easy, do what is best for our clients and people.