Business Voice in the Cloud

When you transition your business phone platform to the cloud, anything is possible.

Company wide collaboration

Instantly scale and manage your communications.

Imagine the freedom of instantly managing your communications platform from anywhere, staying more agile with company-wide collaboration, and still supporting every role in your organization. Your team can work from anywhere and on any device, across multiple platforms to increase productivity and enhance your customer experience. 

When you transition your business phone platform to cloud-based voice UCaaS, all of that is possible – and so much more! Whether your workforce is on-site, working remotely, or sharing their expertise from around the globe, your unified communication service (UCaaS) must perform flawlessly to ensure no disruption of service between your team, and the audience they serve.

 Our newest voice to cloud product suite combines the leading providers of UCaaS and Global CTI’s world- class customer service and technology solutions into one array to seamlessly modernize your business communications platform.  Our wraparound services ensure your team stays productive, supported and educated so you can focus on growing your business.

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Business Voice in the Cloud

Why take your business voice system to the cloud?

  • You can expect to improve your customer service while lowering your overall operating costs.
  • You have no installation downtime. Your system is plug-and-play because we pre-program based on your custom needs.
  • Your hosted PBX is always online – even when you’re not! Never miss a call if your internet goes down.

Agile, Responsive and Affordable

Global CTI can provide you with clear and simplified information so you can make the best-informed decision when it comes to supporting your voice needs today, and in the future. Our brilliantly simple cloud voice solutions allow you to:

  • Access remote sites easily
  • Connect mobile workers seamlessly
  • Upgrade phones across multiple locations with no capital outlay
  • Our enterprise-grade systems feature low upfront costs, as there is no need to buy or rent complex equipment. And,
  • You can easily project costs with a set monthly bill, determined by the number of users and features, customized to your needs.
  • Seamlessly interconnect cloud-based voice where it makes sense and on-site systems when needed to support your team in today’s mobile, 24/7 environment.
Company wide collaboration

Support Based On Your Needs

We believe every customer deserves a unique experience when it comes to their telecommunications platform. Our technicians will work with your team to determine the exact setup and support you’ll need to achieve a flawless implementation.

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