Emergency Mass Notification Solutions

“every second counts”

Threats can originate from people, acts of nature, or weather, and when an emergency occurs, every second counts. An emergency mass notification system (EMNS) that integrates with your existing infrastructure can help save lives.

Mass notification systems can range from simple to elaborate, so always focus on your end goal. What are you looking to achieve with your emergency mass notification system? In many cases, the answer is comprehensive, multi-dimensional, and ADA-compliant coverage across a large campus or plant.

This generally requires a multitude of methods to overcome obstacles that may prevent students, staff, faculty, workers, visitors, or even local law enforcement from receiving notifications quickly.

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There’s no one-size-fits-all strategy. Global CTI can help you learn what other organizations like yours have done to strengthen their emergency preparedness plans, including referrals to similar businesses that have actual implementations in place.

Global CTI’s expert ACTIVATE team will then work with you to develop the most effective EMNS solution that suits your facility including pre and post-event protocols to ensure comprehensive communication plans are in place, should they ever be needed.

Emergency Mass Notification Solutions
EMNS: What You Need to Know

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