Public Sector Modernization

IT modernization in government has substantial and increasing momentum, especially within City and County jurisdictions. Multiple federal stimulus packages offer an unprecedented degree of stability and security for SLED organizations. The Infrastructure Bill, ARPA and Inflation Reduction Act will be providing billions for states to spend through 2026 or 2031, allowing for continued confidence among decision-makers to push forward in modernizing government technology.

Modernization should improve legacy data systems to better support organizational goals and objectives. Not only does this increase overall productivity, but it also addresses increasing cybersecurity threats among public sector organizations and paves the way for higher integrated technologies in government technology such as performance analytics, mobile access, and artificial intelligence in the public sector.

Unfortunately, there are impediments to modernization efforts that government sectors must often face:

  • Spending and acquisition. Strategic spending is difficult due to public funds often being tied to specific programs or initiatives. This makes it more difficult for IT departments to invest in the modernization of certain government technology systems and then directly allocate the spending, savings, and benefit of the investment back to a dedicated objective or program. 
  • Culture and objective assessment. Cultural impediments when trying to change the status quo can also impact modernization efforts. Buy-in across all departments and board members play a key role in the long-term adaptation of new government technology. This can mean the difference between an organization having to take an incremental modernization approach versus a more holistic enterprise approach. Performance metrics that consistently track improved communication, outreach and public engagement are critical to reinforcing how modernization investment must be continued.
  • Supporting policies and procedures. Government organizations must also consider internal and external policy and procedural changes that must occur to support IT modernization, which can also create delays and a lack of support for change. 
  • Technology evolution. The evolution of government technology is changing at a rapid rate, with the need for modernization increasing daily. For SLED organizations today, leveraging this fast pace requires IT time and an understanding of what new technology can do in terms of helping meet operational goals.

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Increasing Technology Demands

Technology never stops evolving and it can be challenging for any internal team to stay on top of the latest trends. The increasing need for tighter cybersecurity, measurable public engagement, remote workforce support, and digital communications have government operations facing issues that require a fresh perspective and staff expertise that takes time to develop.

The learning curve presents a challenge for many public organizations with staff already stretched thinly and on-call 24/7 for user support. Finding a managed services provider (MSP) to alleviate the day-to-day strain is critical to help your internal IT team focus on emerging technology demands. And having a partner who can help evaluate and recommend new solutions based on your organizational needs and funding streams is a valuable asset.

A Partner You Can Trust

If you’re looking for a true technology partner who understands the modernization challenges, opportunities, and business KPIs of government institutions, you’ve found them. One of Global CTI’s core business pillars is the public sector, with municipality customers stretching across California from Redding to Calexico. 

We have invested heavily in SLED as a core vertical market. The strength of Global CTI is our ability to deliver solutions on budget and on time. Our structure includes dedicated installation teams, each with a project manager, a 24×7 California-based client support department, and a lean management structure that enables us to stay nimble and responsive to our customers.  Our operations team includes 25 people with a multitude of technical certifications, all focused on understanding and supporting your municipality’s objectives.

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IT Solutions for Any District, Municipality or SLED

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Global CTI provides voice solutions to public sector customers from leading voice providers Mitel, RingCentral, and 8×8. We manage over 30,000 voice endpoints s in California alone. Our premise-based and unified communications as a service (UCaaS) and call center as a  service (CCaaS) voice solutions deliver collaborative and efficient technology to large and small municipalities while being fully compliant with current state regulations. When you combine Gartner® proven industry voice leaders with Global CTI’s wrap-around implementation and world-class service, your communications will work in perfect Harmony. 

Time saves lives. Activate is one of the most robust public safety solutions on the market, powered by the nation’s leading 911 communications provider, Intrado. Global CTI currently provides coverage for over 75,000 SLED customers across California, with emergency notification solutions (ENS)  compliant with The Clery Act, NFPA, ADA, Executive Order 13407 and the California Building Code. Activate offers a comprehensive set of tools to help prevent, prepare for, respond to, and recover from almost any kind of safety threat be it active shooters, forces of nature or emergency lockdowns. The solution integrates with most PA, video and door lock hardware, too. 

Any IT director, manager or technician would agree that every minute spent managing IT infrastructure leaves less time to devote to what really matters – supporting your staff, customers and constituents while ensuring a secure network. Leave network data management to the specialists at Global CTI, and leverage all the benefits our 24×7 protection brings to your organization. Our Radiant suite of products ensures tighter cybersecurity across multiple campuses, automated workflows, system redundancies, and end-user training to ensure your front line is well-defended.

Procurement Experts

The outlook for cooperative purchasing remains bright in the SLED market as procurement managers and public officials continue to demand more efficiency in buying and are challenged by shortages and high levels of inflation. Defined as multiple buyers allowed to purchase from the same competitively sourced long-term contract, cooperative purchasing has helped solve problems, increase efficiencies and add value to many public sector contracts.

Global CTI has a strong understanding of the procurement process required by public sector organizations. We have procured  many deals using GSA, Sourcewell, and CMAS  through our vendor partners and currently hold five of our own PEPPM contracts. This makes procurement easier and faster if a customer prefers to avoid a lengthy RFP process.  We are confident that with our technical expertise, ability to deliver impeccable implementation results, and our world-class 24×7 wraparound support, you’ve found the best partner in your modernization journey.

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