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Why risk putting your business on the line when it comes to cyber attacks?

Seven Steps tp Improve Your Organization's Security Culture
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Take a deep dive into network security

Global CTI offers customers a comprehensive security assessment of their network, identifying risks and assessing weak areas that should be improved in order to meet today’s cyberattacks head-on. Review our written recommendation to help you secure your business.

  • What are the top three security priorities for the  company?
  • Is the firewall operating under  the latest security protocols?
  • Does HIPAA-regulated secure data management apply?
  • Have users been trained properly to think before they click?
  • Is data secure?
  • How often and complete are offsite/cloud backups done?
  • Are there redundancies in case backups are compromised?

Don’t wait until a breach. Learn how to protect your data now.

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Helpful Tips for BYOD Workers

We believe in arming your staff and employees with the right, easy to understand information so they can stay safe and secure. Especially in the age of Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) to work, here are some helpful tips to share right now.

20 Ways to Block Mobile Attacks 

Take your power back.

Global CTI defensive protocols include: 

Protect employees anywhere
Find undetected signs of compromise and end malicious operations.

Defend against malware
Next-generation anti-virus leverages the predictive power of AI.

Cloud identity & workload protection
Monitor for signs of account takeover and data exfiltration.

Deep network telemetry correlation
Integrate with leading firewalls and NDRs and enable automated/guided responses.

Remediate in minutes
Track, visualize, and end malicious operations across every endpoint, device, user, application, and cloud deployment.

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