It’s All About the Discovery Session

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If you have a contact center and you know you need help, but don’t have a defined need, budget or timeline – that’s ok.  The reason that shouldn’t concern partners like Global CTI is because for many organizations, we help you figure it all out in our Discovery Session.  We identify what type of customers contact you, what they love about that – and what they hate, and we identify potential new ways of doing things that can have a dramatic effect on your business.

Quick example:  Large radiology clinic with 6 offices and a 40 agent call center was at the beginning stages of discovery to replace their aging system.  We asked to visit the Call Center to see how they were set up and get a feel for the atmosphere of the place.   These guys were pretty busy mainly taking inbound calls to schedule appointments with a smaller contingent of agents doing outbound calls to confirm appointments for the next day.  Nothing really jumped out at us other than a lack of  useful reporting capabilities, a need for pervasive recording, and the flexibility to have agents in more than just one location, etc.  However, the longer we observed, we noticed they were manually scanning pages into their EMR system – a process that required an FTE that could be easily replaced by a fax server solution.  We also identified six other processes – many that required zero investment – that could be tweaked that resulted in not only money and time saved for the organization, but improved patient and employee experience.

This is just one example that underscores the importance of our discovery sessions.  Because of our experience and due diligence in discovering all the aspects that affect both your clients’ experience and your employees’ morale, our customers have told us that it was our process that separated us from our competition.  We do it because that’s the only way we can make recommendations that have direct impact on your business and your patients.  It also doesn’t hurt that we love what we do, we’re passionate about it and it shows in the feedback we get from our customers:

“Thank you for helping us pull off the impossible; I would not been able to complete this project without Global CTI’s help.  The magnitude of what we just accomplished is unbelievable.  Thank you very much for all you have done for VNA.  You have been a tremendous help to our non-profit company and I consider you a part of us.” – Justin Leos, VNA & Hospice of Southern California

“I just want to mention that you have been positively fantastic on this. I know that Jenise did the original setup, and I’m thankful for that. Then we changed the call flow at the last minute and said we needed it “yesterday” and you handled it. That’s really appreciated.” – Charles Johnson, HealthComp

Would you like to schedule a call or Discovery Session with Global CTI?  Contact Us or call 661.716.3709.

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