ACTIVATE One Touch Emergency Notification Solution

When an emergency strikes,

ACTIVATE is a highly configurable communications solution that deploys primary and secondary emergency mass notifications in seconds with one-touch activation. It comes standard with staff training, annual assessments, and updates, and comes programmed to fulfill your District EOP.

Time saves lives.

Read our white paper on the basics of EMNS.

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Full Coverage Alert Solution.

Emergency mass notification system (EMNS) needs vary across organizations. Mass notification systems can range from simple to elaborate, and it’s easy to fixate on specific services or products when reviewing the different offerings. Keep the big picture in mind, and always come back to your end goal. What are you looking to achieve with your emergency mass notification system? In many cases the answer is comprehensive notification coverage that meets the directives of your on-campus EOP. 

Comprehensive notification coverage generally requires a variety of alerting methods to overcome obstacles that may prevent occupants, faculty, staff, or visitors from receiving an emergency alert.


  • Where are occupants located when the emergency occurs?
  • Do they have access to a computer or mobile device (and is it powered on)?
  • Are they in an area where they can see or hear the alert?

Threats can originate from people or weather, so when an emergency occurs, every second counts. An emergency mass notification system that integrates with your existing infrastructure can help save lives. Global CTI can help guide you to what other organizations like yours have done to strengthen their emergency operations plan.

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Every second matters.

From dialing E911, to sending messages to desk phones and laptops, or announcements to page horns and speakers, every one of our IP telephone system deployments includes some facet of Emergency Mass Notification.  Leveraging 30+ years of telecom & data experience, Global CTI engineers researched the most commonly used technologies and designed a system integration that is compatible with over 93% of the systems now on the market.  ACTIVATE is a highly configurable solution that sends layered notifications from a single interface.  It is a fast, effective solution that launches alerts from different systems from a single point of activation.

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Custom-Fit Solution.

There is no one-size-fits-all strategy with crisis communications, so we begin each new client engagement with a needs analysis to assess their unique requirements and resources.  We develop a multi-modal solution that integrates any or all of the following technologies:

  • Beacons
  • Panic Buttons
  • Desktop Notification
  • Displays/Marquees/Digital Signage
  • VoIP Phones
  • Smartphone Apps
  • Fire Alarms
  • Text Messages
  • Cable TV

ACTIVATE is fast, easy to use and integrated – eliminating inefficiencies to create seamless notification options for any situation.

Have you performed a Gap Analysis? If you’d like more in-depth information on how to get a Gap Analysis or to learn more about EMNS solutions, contact Global CTI.

Compliant with all Federal and Local Codes.

Global CTI is a voice and data integrator with 30 plus years of experience and the only integrator in the state California that has a defined end-to-end Primary Emergency Notification practice.  NFPA 3000 certified, we have dedicated resources responsible for risk assessments, code compliance, design desk resources, technology alignment and best practices, including centralized alert monitoring and post incident reporting.


The beauty of the ACTIVATE solution is that it is capable of filling the gaps in your notification platform, connecting what you already have into one cohesive system.

The engineers at Global CTI make it all work together and create a seamless, cohesive solution that provides complete coverage.

ACTIVATE integrates with our Video Security offering from Panasonic i-PRO.  Here is what makes i-PRO unique:

  • No annual subscription or licensing fee
  • 5 Year Warranty
  • Manufacturer agnostic – Software and cameras will work with any software or cameras you already have
  • Integrates with mass notification & access control systems
  • EXTREMELY easy to use
  • Advanced analytics mean less false alarms