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RADIANT makes IT easy!

When I compare your team to what we used to have, night and day doesn’t begin to do you and your team justice. From myself, as the Chief Operating Officer, to our owner and CEO, to our office manager, and entire team…everyone has been thoroughly impressed. Global CTI, since day 1, has under promised and over delivered each time we have had to ask for assistance. I could go on and on however I don’t want to bore you. 

Michael K. Bell, Chief Operating Officer, Regenerative & Sports Medicine


Let’s see if RADIANT is right for you!


Grow your business. We’ll take care of the rest.

You didn’t go into business to fix your IT infrastructure. It’s a necessary element that, when managed by Global CTI, becomes a competitive advantage. Every minute you spend managing your IT infrastructure leaves less time and brainpower to devote to what really matters – growing your business. Global CTI’s managed IT solution Radiant takes everything from end user computer service, to voice, to complete data network support and created a well-oiled machine that supports your business goals. Let Radiant handle the day to day and you can focus on servicing and growing your business.

  • Avoid the costs and hassle of owning and maintaining voice and data systems.
  • Quickly and easily make changes to your system equipment and usage on a month-to-month basis.
  • Handle seasonal traffic volumes without costly equipment outlays.

Get the flexibility you need to adapt to business fluctuations now and down the road with Global CTI’s managed voice and data service Radiant. Contact us today to see how we make work easier for you.


What makes RADIANT unique?

Technologists don’t always look at IT from a business standpoint. They may not have the skills or the time to map out budgets and expenditures.

Business leaders don’t always look at the technical side of IT and inherently know how their dollars should be spent.

It can be difficult to construct an IT plan and budget that technologists and business leaders can agree upon. That’s where we fit into the equation. We don’t hire sales people to lead and advise our clients. With RADIANT, we have specialized teams that steer your important technology decisions.

Your unique business requires a technology plan that’s aligned with your business – not a cookiecutter one size fits all approach. RADIANT’s onboarding and business process review includes:
1. An in‐depth view of your business, people and culture;
2. Ongoing Best Practices Benchmarking: Scoring your Business IT against industry standards;
3. Identification of Technology Risks and defining the business impact;
4. Focus on sequencing high priorities that solve business risks;
5. Prioritizaion of IT initiatives that support your business initiatives.


Don’t let change slow you down.

Changing offices or switching to a new technology can be a huge headache. Like moving to a new house, hiring trustworthy professionals helps you make the move without disrupting your daily activities. Let Global CTI take the pain out of your next technology move, addition or change so that you can start enjoying the benefits of your upgrade.

We can help:

  • Move your phones and data network over to a new office
  • Need to move phones due to staff changes
  • Phone system is old and need to know replacement options
  • Have a phone system, but not happy with current vendor and want a new one

Moving and changing technology and phone service does not have to be difficult.


Support Offerings

With more than 30 years of industry experience, we know how to prevent many problems, solve the ones that do occur and explain what’s happening in a way that’s easy to understand. Get out of the dark with IT network services that deliver:

  • Asset management
  • Maintenance support including patch installs and updates, spyware cleanup and optimized computer settings
  • Around the clock help desk service
  • Device repair protection
  • Remote backup service
  • And more!

At first glance, HIPAA can seem overwhelming.

Combine the HIPAA expertise of Compliancy Group with the tech know-how of RADIANT to ensure you steer clear of investigations and fines.

Schedule a conversation to learn how simple HIPAA compliance can be.