5 Questions to Ask Your Phone Support Vendor | Global CTI

5 Questions to Ask Your Phone Support Vendor

1.)  How are customers notified of product upgrades and new releases? When new products are released, what is the upgrade process? Will staff be available to support new and existing products?

2.)  Does the company offer product training that’s customized to company needs? To what extent are support services available before and after training?

3.)  What measures do you take to monitor or ensure customer satisfaction?

4.)  Do your support plans include automated reports such as how many people hang up while on hold, dropped calls, wait time, incoming/outbound/international calls, etc.? How often did your carrier circuits drop last quarter?

5.)  Can you help me manage my remote workforce?

If you are not getting adequate answers to any of the questions above, call us. We have answers to all of these questions!