5 Ways to Reduce Technology Expenses

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5 Ways to Reduce Technology Expenses

The easiest way to increase revenue is to reduce expenses.  Here are 5 ways to reduce your expenses, resulting in a larger bottom line.

  1.  Convert your phones to a cloud-based phone system.  There’s a lot of buzz around cloud these days, and cloud communications is no exception.  Smart businesses are moving to hosted phone systems because for one, a move to the cloud means low, predictable monthly costs.  By hosting a phone system over the internet, businesses are charged on an “as needed” basis, paying only for what they use.  Plus, the right solution could include chat and collaboration in addition to voice, allowing your employees to work from anywhere.
  2.  Run a Telco Audit.  Are you getting billed for circuits that are disconnected that you haven’t used in years?  Can you decipher your AT&T bills to know if they are correct?  One of the easiest ways to save money is to have Global CTI conduct a Telco Audit.  We will:
    1. Identify, verify and collate all existing circuits
    2. Check for multiple billing for circuits under different accounts
    3. Identify phantom network circuits
    4. Confirm that charges for disconnected services are no longer being billed
    5. Make recommendations to eliminate unnecessary services or upgrade them to more efficient technologies
    6. Create an up-to-date master database
  3. Eliminate your copper lines.  Did you know there is a full scale decommissioning of the copper network by the Local Exchange Carriers sanctioned by the FACC and PUC with a target date of 2022?  We can replace your costly copper analog and digital technology with Internet and 4G wireless technology that includes a failover not restricted to VoIP and will step in for all internet functions.
  4. Minimize security risks.  You’re probably aware of the surge in Ransomware attacks locally and nationwide.  It’s a serious threat and can bring your organization to a standstill, costing you money in lost revenue and expenses to bring your systems and data back.  Consult with a trusted partner like Global CTI for a network assessment and to ensure you and your employees are educated on best practices, have the latest security updates and are keeping your network and systems secure.
  5.  Outsource IT.  Take IT off your plate and give it to an experienced partner that can prevent problems and solve them efficiently and give your staff the support they need.  Global CTI’s team meets with you regularly to help you plan for the future.  With more than 30 years experience, our goal is to optimize your network so you actually need us LESS.

For more information on how Global CTI can save you money, click here.  or call our sales line at 800-366-1711.

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