Aren’t IT Guys Just the WORST?

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Did you ever see those Saturday Night Live skits where Jimmy Fallon plays Nick Burns, “Your Company’s Computer Guy“?  He would fix someone’s computer and degrade them as only an IT guy can. Sadly, Nick Burns is a too-often true stereotype.

Luckily, we have friendly, fun and down-to-earth IT guys (who also happen to be experts in their field) standing by ready to help us.  AMIGO Fully Managed Voice & Data Solutions makes IT easy and has the nicest tech support staff on the planet.

Here’s just a few ways AMIGO is refreshingly different:

  • Meet your AMIGO:  If you sign up with AMIGO’s monthly service, we’ll come out to your office, bring lunch and introduce you to AMIGO’s service and answer any questions you have about your systems.
  • Delegate to your AMIGO:  We manage the vendors for any technology on your network.  If your copier breaks, you can call AMIGO and we’ll coordinate the repair.
  • Learn with AMIGOs:  We hold monthly learning events for our friends, customers (and soon-to-be friends) to learn about best practices and topics that affect business owners and end-users alike.
  • Mingle with AMIGOs:  We host quarterly social events for AMIGO customers to network, ask questions and have a little fun.

If you’re looking to take computer service, voice and network support off your plate, see if AMIGO is a good fit for you.

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