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Can Technology Literally Save Lives?

There are those who passionately claim that they would surely die without their internet or smartphone, but can technology actually help decide if a person will live or die? In the past, hospitals have had elaborate and overly complicated systems of communication that were born out of necessity. With the advent of unified communications solutions hospitals can manage their communication more efficiently and effectively while spending more time focusing on their patient’s needs.

New technology and the ability to link it together has made a real difference when it comes to patient care and response time in hospitals and clinics across the world. In large hospitals, it used to be very difficult to find a specific doctor or nurse unless their phone was on or they heard their beeper or the intercom page. Automatic call distribution (ACD) routes calls intelligently and using Caller ID, it recognizes who is calling, and sends the call to the person who is most likely to be able to help.

With unified messaging allows staff to pick up their voice mail, emails, and faxes from a single source that is secured and compliant with HIPAA rules from anywhere within a building and beyond. With options for redundancies and disaster recovery, healthcare providers can insure that their systems will always be up and running when they’re needed the most. Our specialists have experience with many hospitals and clinics, let one provide you with a free network assessment today.