Emergency Training & Consulting

When an emergency strikes, it pays to have a planned approach to identifying, executing, and then recovering from the situation. Global CTI doesn’t just install ACTIVATE; we help each customer determine the best path forward once an emergency has been identified and executed.

Local authorities have protocols that will be wrapped into the best-practices unique to each location. When Global’s ACTIVATE experts hand the system over to your internal team, your people will have the working knowledge to address emergency situations with speed, agility, and precision.

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Are yo worried about staff turnover, or implementing a system that’s overly complicated? Like you, King City Unified School District wanted to be well-prepared for emergencies. Learn why they chose Global CTI as their partner to implement ACTIVATE, our 1-touch emergency mass notification solution.

Global CTI is also available for staff training, or refresher courses should you have staff turnover. Just contact your Global technician and request

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