Emergency Mass Notification System

Optimized Emergency Notification Services: Comprehensive Preparedness for Any Threat

Keep Your Community Informed With an Emergency Mass Notification System

When seconds count, get your message out to the people who need it most right away

Why choose Global CTI for your emergency mass notification system?

  • Save precious seconds with a simple emergency protocol that activates all your lines of communication
  • Get help quickly with direct integration to 911 and document storage so first responders know where to go
  • Empower your team with ID badges integrated with panic buttons connected to your internal communications
  • Unify your communications with an omnichannel message distribution system
  • Keep families together with mobile device geofencing and post-incident reunification services

When an emergency occurs, your community relies on you to proactively stay in touch and keep staff, students, parents and first responders aware of shifting events. You need a communications system that can reach all of your community members right away in the event of a crisis. Global CTI is a leader in emergency notification systems  for businesses, schools, hospitals, and other facilities.

Consolidate emergency messaging for SMS, desktop, apps, pagers, electronic displays, and social media simply by triggering the appropriate emergency protocol. Mass text messages and notifications are automatically sent out, social media pages and displays updated, and 911 is dialed without having to pass through your cloud system with our rapid emergency notification system.

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Find Your Ideal Emergency Mass Notification System

Mass SMS, Email, and App Notifications

Get your message directly to your community with text, email, and app notifications sent straight to their personal device.

Pager, Bell, and Intercom Systems

Make announcements, sound alarms, and summon key staff with overhead announcements and direct messages.

Electronic Display Boards

Ensure that missed notifications don’t mean missed emergency instructions with electronic display boards that get your message across campus.

Document Repository

Make sure emergency services know exactly where to go with a digital document repository for maps, materials manifests, and other school records.

Family Reunification Services

Ensure that families can quickly reunite with their loved ones with student management and identity verification services.

Visitor Verification

Identity card swipe system makes hosting visitors quick and secure ensuring proper identity verification with a minimum of staff involvement.

Search and Rescue Geofencing

Find missing people with cell phone triangulation that works even without location services enabled on user devices.

Smart ID Badges

Issue ID badges for personnel that enable quick electronic verification and come equipped with a panic button to activate an emergency response from anywhere.

Direct to 911 Service

Intrado’s 911 services cut directly to local emergency services without routing through the rest of your communications cloud infrastructure.

Ensuring Safety Across Sectors: Is an Emergency Mass Notification System the Key to Your Organization's Preparedness?

How to Select an Emergency Mass Notification System

EMNS for Education

It’s unfortunate, but in today’s world schools are vulnerable to a wide range of safety threats. It’s critical to plan, prepare, prevent, protect and recover from emergency situations to ensure your school district is ready, should a disaster strike.

ACTIVATE is a one-touch school emergency mass notification system that helps schools and colleges save time and lives during an emergency. Global CTI’s 100% customizable solution launches alerts across multiple notification points from a single point of activation.

ACTIVATE is also compatible with over 93% of the PA systems now on the market, which means modernizing your emergency alert system is within your budget and can be implemented quickly.

EMNS for Healthcare

Running a healthcare facility can often feel like a never ending series of crises. When something goes wrong, you need to get up-to-the-second information to your critical staff right away because lives are on the line.

ACTIVATE saves time and lives by allowing you to send out notifications on all of your communication channels with a single touch. Global CTI’s solution is 100% customizable, launching alerts from a single point of activation.

ACTIVATE can integrate text messages, social media, emergency services, and even pagers into a single communication system. It is also compatible with 93% of PA systems now on the market.

emergency mass notification systems for business

EMNS for Government

Public facilities are under constant threat from criminal actors who want to do harm to public officials and the public at large. Leading a government facility through an emergency requires rapid communication with internal security teams, emergency services, and the public.

ACTIVATE is a life-saving technology that allows you to send emergency notifications to all relevant communication channels with a single touch. Ensure that information remains within your control with 100% customizable emergency protocols that allow you to launch alerts from a single point of activation.

ACTIVATE can partition information among the various parties that need updates without compromising the efficacy of your security response. Built in document repositories share information such as floor plans with emergency services to ensure a quick response.

EMNS for Business

As a business owner, it might seem that an emergency is too remote of a possibility to warrant an emergency notification system. However, in the event that an emergency does occur, if the public does not get timely updates from you, they will come up with their own story.

ACTIVATE protects your brand by ensuring that your emergency response demonstrates your leadership and fortitude in the face of adversity. Global CTI can customize 100% of your emergency notification system to fit the unique contours of your business operations.

ACTIVATE ensures that first responders, the press, and your customers are all kept up to date with developments in the event of a crisis by giving you a single point of activation to send updates across all your communication channels.

Emergency Mass Notification System for SMB

Need to See Our EMNS in Action?

This School District Was Able to Capitalize on a New Phone System with EMNS


Questions We Get About Our Emergency Mass Notification System (EMNS)


What makes Global CTI different from other mass notification system companies?

We pride ourselves on our Global Wraparound Service which is included in all of our EMNS deployments at no additional charge. Every EMNS that we deploy comes with:

  • Full technical training for your staff
  • Campus integration for all of your emergency systems
  • Emergency protocol design and development
  • 24/7/365 monitoring
  • Post-incident reports
  • Automatic software updates

Global CTI also partners with Intrado allowing us to provide direct 911 calls without going through your cloud architecture.


What services can be integrated into your emergency notification systems?

If you have a device or platform capable of sending or receiving alerts, chances are we can make it part of your EMNS. Some common services we integrate into our systems include:

  • SMS text messaging
  • Desktop and mobile notifications
  • Pagers
  • Bells
  • PA systems
  • Electronic display boards
  • Social media
  • 911
  • Door locks

This is by no means an exhaustive list. Ask our experts, and we can come up with a solution for all of your communications channels.


What’s the best way to upgrade your mass notification system?

Global CTI has deployed and improved dozens of emergency mass notification systems. We find the best way to upgrade an emergency notification system is by bringing your systems online one at a time.

That said, we specialize in integrating a variety of communications systems using the latest technology for automation. We pride ourselves in being able to rapidly meet the demand for emergency notification systems as legislation has required them in schools.


Do you provide panic button and fire alarm mass notification system services?

Yes! We can ensure that your team members can instantly report emergencies at the click of a button or the pulling of a lever.

We can outfit your entire team with ID badges equipped with panic buttons to trigger an emergency response. We can also integrate your existing fire alarm system into your EMNS, allowing you to trigger automatic notifications for key team members as well as emergency services when an alarm is pulled.


Are your emergency notification systems secure?

Global CTI understands the importance of secure communications, especially in an emergency situation. We secure all of our clients’ systems in a secured offsite cloud server.

We also specialize in developing emergency communications protocols to ensure that your communications do not reveal sensitive information about your emergency response to the broad public.