Is Voicemail Dead? Supporting Cultural Change with a Better Business Communications Solution

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by RingCentral Team, June 22, 2018

When was the last time you left or retrieved a voicemail?

If you can’t recall, you’re not alone. A survey by eVoice found that just 33 percent of respondents listen to voicemails from business contacts and only 18 percent listen to voicemails from people they don’t know. Companies like JPMorgan Chase, and Coca-Cola have even worked to eliminate voicemail from the workplace altogether.

Still, voicemail is necessary not only for clarity and efficiency, but also for building stronger relationships with coworkers. But we shouldn’t discredit the use of voicemail in all circumstances. In the real estate industry for example, ringless voicemail for realtors is used as a marketing tool to generate new leads between the company and the customers. The use of voicemails are necessary and beneficial for many businesses’ growth.

Tone of voice cannot be inferred from text, and sometimes the written word can cause more confusion than clarity with project direction. Voicemail provides context and meaning, allowing coworkers to interact with and understand one another on a deeper level.

But how can a society that’s already written off the value of voicemail be convinced to use it once more?

Fortunately, with new innovations, voicemail has transformed to appeal to modern-day workers and regain its relevance—even as society rejects its archaic predecessor. With our virtual voicemail, for example, checking voicemail is easier than ever with features like visual voicemail, voicemail preview, and voicemail-to-email capabilities.

Visualize Your Voicemail

Sifting through the mound of voicemails on your office phone can be incredibly daunting. It’s easy to understand why no one wants to listen to 15 messages left by salespeople in order to get to the important message left by a supervisor. Visual voicemail solves this problem by compiling users’ voicemails in a single list. Users are able to see who called, the time the message was received, and the duration of the message, all without having to dial in to their voicemail.

Textualize Your Voicemail

Sometimes it’s not always convenient to listen to a message, which is why many people opt for text message or team messaging apps instead. But with voicemail preview, users can have their messages automatically transcribed to text and shown on the screen with an audio file attached for later listening. That is why RingCentral is an ideal phone solution for those who bristle at the thought of having to spend valuable time listening to a message.

Digitize Your Voicemail

Email is still one of the more widely used business communications modes, so why not bring voicemail into the mix? With voicemail-to-email, users can have their messages sent directly to their email with an audio file attached. They can also read the message’s content in the body of the email using voicemail preview.

Finding a global communications phone service that works for everyone in your business can be a challenge. But we’re confident that our virtual voicemail capabilities will have even the most voicemail-averse employees listening (or reading) to what their customers, partners, and coworkers have to say. As societal changes occur, we strive to be ahead of the game, using technology to bring practical solutions to the workplace that everyone can enjoy.

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