Phone System Move Checklist

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Moving will be much easier if you keep your voice partner in the loop and use this checklist as a guide when moving to new space.

  1. Call us first to make arrangements to move your telephone system. We typically need two to three weeks lead time to schedule manpower and gather materials.  If your system is older, you may want to evaluate whether the cost of moving the system could be better invested in new technology. Many businesses use a move to change to a cloud phone system or invest in a VoIP Phone system.
  2. Call your phone and Internet providers and check availability of services. Sometimes you may not be able to duplicate services (such as Cable Internet) in a new location. Ask for lead times for installation. Lead times can range from 10 days to 12 weeks depending on the services you require. Make sure service orders get placed with enough lead time to allow for possible delays due to facilities problems. Document all service order numbers and contacts.
  3. Let us find out if the location you are moving to is cabled for voice and data. If it is not, or changes are required, call us to provide you with some options. Find out if your landlord is responsible for tenant fit out.
  4. Contact your printer to print letterhead, business cards, forms, etc., which need to be changed. Note: New telephone numbers are not guaranteed until they are installed. You may have to install the new services before they are required in order to lock in telephone numbers.
  5. Create a floor plan. Label it with the location of all telephones, fax machines, networked computers, printers, scanners, network copiers, wireless access points, time clocks, and any other network appliances. Pick a climate controlled and secure location for your IT gear and for the control unit of your telephone system. Label all staff locations so your vendor can place phones in the correct place. If  you are taking over space that is already cabled, compare your floor plan with what is actually in place to make sure there are cables and jacks where required.
  6. Contact your IT vendor – You will need to move your data network, and this may involve changing public IP addresses. Your IT vendor should look at cabling (either existing or plans for new) to make sure there are provisions for all your IT gear. If you have a Cloud Phone System or a premise based VoIP phone system, then you’ll need the LAN in place before you can liven the phones.  If you don’t have an IT vendor, call Global CTI for help.
  7. Determine how you’d like to handle telephone calls, faxes and e-mail during the move. If your move is local, you may be able to get dual service for a week. If the move is not local, you can set up forwarding on your main number and send calls to a voice mailbox or cell phone.
  8. If the move requires a telephone number change, decide how you want to handle the old numbers. Most phone companies will provide a reference of calls for one year. Contact your Global CTI to make sure that this is provided for all published numbers (fax, private lines…). Make sure your telephone number is correct on your Web site and any on-line listings.
  9. Once your new numbers are in and guaranteed, send an e-mail blast to you clients and vendors alerting them of the move. Let them know if you will be closed for the move and how to reach key people during the move. Set up a fax machine in the new office so customers and vendors can fax important information.

Moving is no fun, but if you plan ahead, organize, and get your vendors on board, the disruption can be minimized.

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