ShoreTel 12 adds support for Video Between ShoreTel Systems

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ShoreTel 12 adds support for Video Between ShoreTel Systems


The ShoreTel Professional Communicator allows for peer to peer video calls between users within the same ShoreTel System.

Feature Enhancement

In ShoreTel 12, existing video call functionality is expanded to allow person-to-person video between two ShoreTel users, each in separate ShoreTel systems.

With ShoreTel 12, the video negotiation signaling path passes through the ShoreTel Voice switches.

This allows voice switches configured for SIP trunking to negotiate video between two separate ShoreTel systems connected via SIP Tie-trunks.

Both ShoreTel systems must be operating on ShoreTel 12 and only ShoreTel Professional Communicator 12 clients are capable of video between two ShoreTel systems.

Operation between systems – SIP Tie-lines

The following apply to using video between ShoreTel systems:

  • Only calls initiated and answered from ShoreTel Communicator have the option to include video.
  • Both users must have video permissions and be configured for video calling.
  • At the system level, SIP tie-trunking must be established between two systems to facilitate the establishment of the video stream between two different ShoreTel systems.
  • This feature only operates across SIP Tie-lines to other ShoreTel systems.
  • T1, T1 PRI or SIP trunks cannot be used.

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